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International offices

UCT Canada

TorontoThe University of Cape Town, Regional Office: Canada, is one of the three international offices, set up to maintain relations with alumni worldwide by -

Supporting UCT

In Canada, the University of Cape Town holds the status as a ‘prescribed university’ under Section 118.1 of the Canadian Income Tax Act (Schedule VIII, item No. 19). As a qualified donee, donations made directly to the University of Cape Town are eligible for Canadian tax credits. In line with this status, as of 1 January 2011 the University of Cape Town’s Regional Office: Canada will be in a position to receipt donations to UCT.

As of 1 January 2011 the UCT Foundation (1993 – 2010) will no longer be able to accept donations.

Previous scholarship recipients

Presently the Canadian Alumni Bursary in MBChB and the Canadian Alumni Bursaries in postgraduate study are awarded each year from funds raised by Canadian alumni. Other areas of support are in line with UCT’s set priorities, and posted on the UCT Canada website. Here you will also find a downloadable donation/pledge form, and a link for online donations in Canada.

Alumni networking

The Regional Office: Canada organises alumni events in all the main centres of Canada where there is interest and a critical mass. Events are held regularly in Toronto and Vancouver. The regional office is available to assist regions with arranging events that will have relevance to UCT or its alumni. Feel free to contact the co-ordinators listed below, or contact Di Stafford, Regional Director, directly.

Richard Cohen ; Tel (h) 604 984 8480

Still to be established. c/o Regional office, Toronto

Di Stafford, Regional Director: Development & Alumni Relations;
Phone: 289 997 4965

Benefits of Alumni participation:

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Contact us

Diane Stafford
Development and Program Director
University of Cape Town
Development & Alumni Regional Office
2927 LakeShore Blvd West, Suite 227

Tel: 289 997 4965
Cell: 416 648 5801
Fax: 647 351 6836 (Suite 227)
Email: info@uctcanada.ca
Website: www.uctcanada.ca