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Funding priorities

Earth Stewardship - playing our role in securing a sustainable future

African Climate and Development Initiative

Global climate change and variability present a daunting and exciting challenge, especially for the developing world, where traditional routes to development are at odds with the need for a low carbon economy.

The African Climate and Development Initiative (ACDI) is a proactive response to this challenge, engaging with climate variability and global change from an African perspective. As a multidisciplinary initiative of the University of Cape Town, ACDI sets out to co-ordinate cuttingedge research, strengthen graduate and professional training, and foster community engagement and influence policy.

The agenda focuses on adaptation and resilience, transformation, ecosystems and poverty, low carbon development and mitigation, energy and poverty alleviation.

In so doing, the Initiative aims to develop the highest concentration of expertise on climate change and development in Africa.

Marine Research Institute

The value of marine life and its associated ecosystems has become a key global concern, in the light of volatile climatic conditions. Understanding this immense source of life and energy is therefore essential in our global movement towards sustainable livelihoods.

UCT’s Marine Research Institute (Ma-Re) is an interdisciplinary research centre championing a wide range of marine research across various departments in the University.

Our position at the southernmost tip of Africa ensures the best exposure to diverse marine ecosystems: the Indian, South Atlantic and Southern Oceans, with cool and warm currents juxtaposed. The Marine Research Institute builds on the existing skills and resources in various marinerelevant disciplines, integrating and developing these further so as to establish the University as a hub of excellence and the premier education facility for multi-disciplinary marine research, teaching and training in Africa and the southern hemisphere.

The key research themes include atmosphere and climate, oceanography, sociology, anthropology, coastal management, ecosystem approach to fisheries, marine biodiversity, marine conservation, marine biogeochemistry, historical studies, marine biotechnology, marine geosciences, resource economics, and marine engineering.

The Institute further focuses on capacity building and skills development, with a strong emphasis on postgraduate students, many of whom are supported by bursaries raised by the Institute. Ma-Re fosters interdisciplinary marine research projects, and works to form links with other bodies in the region and abroad.

We invite you to make an investment in our oceans and the ecosystems they contain, by making a contribution towards our project.

Image courtesy of Claudio Velasquez Rojas.

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