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UCT Alumni in Residence (AIR)


UCT air is about finding a unifying identity and cultures that UCT alum and students have in common. UCT AIR is about making it clear that there is something that we all have in common. UCT students and alum always make an impact wherever they go. Where there is UCT presence, uzoz' umoya! Period! We make a difference with our actions make the world stand up and take note. Mark Shuttleworth, Chris Barnard, Philip Voget, Mark Lottering, Jimmy Dludlu, David Kau, Sugar, Pretty Yende just to mention a few. These are just some of UCT's better known alum and icons, and there are many, many more.

What UCT AIR is about, is ensuring that many more of our students will become world renowned for the many things that they do either professionally, culturally, socially, academically, politically and economically.

How are we going to do this? There are a few ideas, but we want AIRmbassadors to lead our efforts towards achieving the goal of ensuring that every UCT student and alum knows that we are united by our ability to make an impact and change the world for the better. Some of the ideas include a mentorship programme in which current students are guided by alum through the early stages of their careers and through life in general.

We also want to send UCT students out to their communities to start making a difference there and begin making their impact contribution to the world while they are still at home – the alma mater. Let's keep talking about how we can make this happen, that is UCTAIR modes operandi. The programme was inspired to get students involved at an early stage and educate them about what it means to be "responsible" alumni when they leave their alma mater -UCT.

UCT AIR (Alumni in Residence) is not only for students in residence, it is an all encompassing term using residences as their home before they leave and go to the professional world. The campaign aims to involve students and educating them whilst on campus about how great it is to be UCT alum. The campaign also aimed at instilling pride in them as to what it means to be UCT alum and also participate in alumni programmes.

By joining AIR you can help us to make UCT an even more rocking place in years to come, and help give others their wings to greatness. yAIRbo! this campaign is for the young at heart whatever their colour, religion, gender or nationality!

There are more than 100 000 UCT alumni across the globe in 104 countries. This community comprises many families who have sent succeeding generations of students to UCT, and others for whom our young graduates represent the first in their families to benefit from tertiary education (often with financial support from alumni).

To help welcome thousands of new graduates into this community each year, DAD has initiated AIR as an ambitious student outreach campaign to instill an awareness of UCT in students so that they are empowered to join this remarkable group of men and women – UCT alumni.

What can you do with your AIRmbassador status?

As you venture out into working and corporate world, be a breath of fresh AIR , make AIR waves and be proud of where you come from. The world's eyes will be on you, your actions and behavior will be a reflection on UCT.

In the past students from previously disadvantaged communities did not have a sense of pride about UCT, they felt left out. AIR is changing all that, we want students to celebrate their diversity and foster long lasting relationships with UCT and their peers.

So, as you climb the corporate ladder and become tomorrow's ZillionAiRES, never forget your roots. You are our AIRmbassadors. Do us proud and be the role models for generations to come. Make a difference. It starts with you today.

There are many ways to celebrate your UCT identity.

You can:

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