• There is a medical emergency – what do I do?

    • Remain calm. Take time to think before acting.
    • Keep the person calm.
    • Call for help – UCT's Campus Protection Services (CPS) on 080 650 2222 (toll-free).
    • Stay on the phone until the person answering the call ends the call.

    If you are with a person in a medical emergency:

    • If the person is vomiting, keep them on their side.
    • If the person is injured, don’t move the person unless absolutely necessary.
    • If the person is bleeding, staunch the bleeding and, if necessary, tie a tourniquet.
    • If there is swelling, apply an ice pack.

    If you are with a person in a mental health emergency:

    See our Emergencies page for further details.
  • What is a mental health emergency?

    • Suicidal or homicidal thoughts with intentions and/or plan;
    • Recent trauma, such as sexual assault or physical abuse;
    • Death of a loved one or close friend;
    • Psychosis, characterised by disorientation, disorganized speech, unusual thoughts, active visual or auditory hallucinations;
    • Impulsive, violent/dangerous behaviour or writing.