What is eResearch?

In the age of big data and large-scale international collaboration, researchers require dedicated support from specialists in information technology, who are often embedded in the research team. Without this support, researchers risk diverting time and resources into the development and maintenance of potentially substandard or inefficient solutions – or simply spending much more time doing analyses.

Technology-enabled research practices are game-changers for the pace and depth of research discoveries – so much so that gaps are appearing between those institutions with a clear strategy for effective eResearch support and those without. UCT eResearch is our response to this changing research landscape.

UCT eResearch

eResearch partners

UCT eResearch is a distributed organisation that promotes the use of advanced information technologies to support innovative research practice. eResearch partners with research groups to accelerate and transform research, connecting them to the most appropriate services to support the research lifecycle.








The partners

Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research & Internationalisation

Under the guidance of the interim Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Internationalisation, Professor Sue Harrison, the eResearch strategy aims to support these goals and provide the best ICT solutions to accelerate research at UCT. 

Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS)

Information and communication technologies (ICT) have become the lifeblood of research. It is the role of ICTS to respond to these demands, both with the appropriate infrastructure and expertise.

UCT Libraries

The eResearch support strategy of the Libraries focuses on two major areas - that of enabling access to and visibility of UCT scholarship - and in the research data management domain. Further responsibilities include the provision of user support services in the compilation of data management plans in compliance with increasing data sharing mandates of funding agencies; and to ensure the citability of datasets.

The Research Office

The role of the Research Office within UCT eResearch is to communicate the support and services the centre can provide for our researchers. This includes training and development programmes for researchers hosted through the Research Office. The Research Office also seeks to support global research partnerships. Today eResearch facilities and capabilities are an important part of these partnerships.