Online Conference: Moral Economies of Religious Reform

The Islam, African Publics and Religious Values AND Research Institute for Christianity and Society in Africa
(Department for the Study of Religions)

Convened by
Professors Abdulkader Tayob, Asonzeh Ukah, and Dr. Ala Alhourani

Moral economies have been studied as alternative forms of community in the modern world. Against particularly capitalism, they represent a different kind of community cohesion and moral responsibility. There are relatively few studies on the moral economies of religious reform. By the latter is meant concerted attempts by a prominent individual or a group to introduce significant or manifest change in a religious tradition and/or society. Religious reforms are sources and resources for societal transformation on individual or group levels. Reform in societies across the globe seems to offer new ways and visions of social or “the good” life in the context of neo-liberal capitalism or state under-performance. Some suggest that they seem to be made for the neo-liberal world.

What kind or visions of moral economies do religious reforms promise and offer in the context of authoritarian states that increasingly lack authoritativeness? How do they translate key terms and practices, discourses, and concepts from their histories and theologies to offer alternative moral economies? How are these economies sustained and perpetuated in time, space and place? And how do they compare with similar religious and non-religious moral economies locally and globally? Do they promote, critique, resist or contest neo-liberal economies in religious form? How do they do this and how successful are they?

We invite researchers to send detailed abstracts (300 words) to (Ms. Phumelele Nkwakhwa) by 30 June 2021.

We are open to detailed case studies focusing on textual hermeneutics, ethnographies, biographical trajectories and everyday experience of moral economies.

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Fri, 30 Jul 2021 - 08:30
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