UCT has staff exchange arrangements with a number of international partner universities providing opportunities for professional growth and development and fostering collaborations in both teaching and research.

Exchanges are available to both academic and PASS staff.

For academic exchange, placements are typically for teaching or research in specific disciplines.

PASS staff interested in going on exchange for professional development will need to explain how the exchange will contribute to your professional development, how you will share your learning with colleagues and how your learning while on exchange will contribute to improvements in your department. PASS exchange applicants must have written endorsement and support for the exchange from their line manager.

Where can I find out more about staff exchange?

Most staff exchanges are established at the level of the academic discipline or department.  Consult with your Head of Department about existing relationships and collaborative projects with international partner universities.

Our international partner universities occasionally invite applications from particular academic disciplines or PASS departments.  These are circulated as calls for nomination through the Head of Department.

Let us know if your Head of Department has nominated you for an exchange opportunity

Confirm a staff exchange opportunity

How do I apply for staff exchange?

Once you have identified a staff exchange opportunity, we will

  • Confirm the availability of exchange places at the chosen partner university
  • Confirm the duration of the exchange and any funding or financial support for travel and living costs while in the host city
  • Confirm the eligibility requirements
  • Manage the selection of nominated candidates
  • Guide you in applying directly to the international partner university

If your nomination is successful, the partner university will then contact you with further instructions on how to take up your exchange.

Apply for a staff exchange