Media releases


Fourth quarter


UCT mourns death of health economics pioneer
21 December
The University of Cape Town mourns the tragic death this week of Professor Gavin Mooney, who was instrumental in developing the discipline of health economics within South Africa, and more specifically at UCT. In recognition of his international achievements he was named an honorary professor and was awarded an honorary doctorate in social sciences from the university in June 2009.


UCT graduate explores success of emerging entrepreneurs in W Cape
14 December
Entrepreneurship is touted as among a tool needed to address the problem of unemployment in South Africa. However, despite the support programmes introduced by the government since 1994 to increase the number of start-up entrepreneurs, South Africa continues to lag behind. This is according to the University of Cape Town's Fawzy Basardien, who will receive his PhD in Business Administration for research on: The impact of action strategies on entrepreneurial success of emerging entrepreneurs in the Western Cape.


Inflation targeting stabilises economies at expense of higher exchange-rate volatility
11 December
University of Cape Town doctoral student Seedwell Hove's PhD research, titled Monetary policy, institutions and terms of trade shocks in emerging market economies, finds that monetary, fiscal and financial institutional structures are important for the success of inflation targeting in emerging market economies(EMEs).


UCT PhD thesis investigates social change and class formation through language
10 December
University of Cape Town doctoral student Kirsten Morreira takes an interesting look into Social change, class formation and Englishin her PhD thesis subtitled "a study of young black South Africans with 'Model C' school backgrounds".
"Morreira's research examines accents in English, and attitudes towards the use of English versus home language, among young black South Africans, educated within the former white (ex 'Model C') school system. Morreira said: "Although there is variation in the attitudes of the speakers, there are also many commonalities like commitment to South Africa and the intention to bring up future children as bilingual."


Global change hits African Penguin harder than Cape Gannet, find UCT study
10 December
University of Cape Town doctoral student Viviane Barquete's thesis, Using stable isotopes as a tool to understand the trophic relationships and movements of seabirds off southern Africa, assesses how African Penguins and Cape Gannets have reacted to the advent of commercial fishing and the recent spatial shifts in fish distributions.


UCT PhD explores Olga Kirsh's works from the psychoanalytical sofa
10 December
Thomas Minnaar's Afrikaans thesis 'n Herwaardering van Olga Kirsch se oeuvre: identiteit, moederskap en ballingskap aan die hand van die psigoanalitiese teorieë van onder andere Sigmund Freud, Jacques Lacan en Julia Kristeva, investigates the works of Jewish Afrikaans poet Olga Kirsch, who was only the second published female poet in Afrikaans (1944) and one of the first to defy the National Party's racist agenda. Kirsch depicts in the poem "Die Blokhuis" (in Mure van die Hart, 1948) how the Nationalists were blocking themselves off from non-white South Africans, with their inevitable downfall looming.


UCT to honour pioneers in arts, economics, science, law and medicine
6 December
The University of Cape Town will award honorary degrees to a selection of experts chosen not only for what each has contributed to his or her respective area of expertise, but to society as a whole. These recipients will be honoured at the graduation ceremonies taking place from Wednesday the 12th to Tuesday the 18th December 2012. All ceremonies will be streamed live online.


Horticulture in a changing supermarket landscape
27 November
Global fresh fruit, vegetable and flower production is expanding rapidly to meet international demand for produce all year round. Meeting supermarket demands for fresh fruit and vegetables requires more skilled and empowered workers. Production and packing are becoming more complex because of rising standards and diverse market requirements. Commercial pressures are contributing to the casualisation of workers and the exclusion of smaller producers.


UCT to co-host 'Capturing the Gains' Global Summit
20 November
Researchers from the University of Cape Town, the Brooks World Poverty Institute at the University of Manchester, and the Centre on Globalisation, Governance and Competitiveness at Duke University will present their findings on how resources, materials, workers and producers are deployed in 3 discrete sectors of global industry – mobile phones, clothing, and food - at the Capturing the Gains Global Summit on 3–5 December 2012 at the Clock Tower at the V&A Waterfront.


UCT heart researcher and collaborators receive R25 million Australian grant
2 November
Professor Karen Sliwa, director of UCT's Hatter Institute for Cardiology Research in Africa, together with several Australian collaborators, have been awarded a R25 million research grant by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia. The grant will go towards building research capacity in reducing inequality in heart disease in South Africa and Australia.


UCT Zoology and Botany departments in line with global trends
1 November
The University of Cape Town's Zoology and Botany departments have merged to form a new Department of Biological Sciences.


UCT Professor to offer new ways of thinking about the immune system and HIV
26 October
Professor Clive Gray, Chair of Immunology and head of the Division of Immunology at the University of Cape Town, will use his inaugural lecture to propose some new thinking on how we should look at the immune system in the context of HIV.


UCT panel discussion to tackle emerging sustainability challenges in Africa
23 October
The panel discussion, hosted by the University of Cape Town on 1 November, will look at how Future Earth – a new international research initiative – can tackle global sustainability challenges in partnership with existing global environmental change networks in Sub Saharan Africa.


Revised NBT standards aim to increase success at university
19 October
The launch of new degree and diploma standards for the National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) will guide universities in 2 ways, according to experts at the University of Cape Town: the NBTs will more clearly identify applicants' likelihood of success in degree and diploma programmes, and they will highlight what additional steps a university must take to help prospective students achieve their degrees or diplomas.


Study discovers a unique feature of HIV that enables infected people to make antibodies able to kill a wide range of human immunodeficiency viruses
18 October
An AIDS study published today in the journal, Nature Medicine, describes how a unique change in the outer covering of the virus found in 2 HIV infected South African women enabled them to make potent antibodies which are able to kill up to 88% of HIV types from around the world.


South Africa's children still live in unequal worlds - Child Gauge 2012
17 October
Rising income inequality has serious consequences for children today and for South Africa's future. This is one of the key concerns raised in the South African Child Gauge 2012, which will be released later on Wednesday, 17 October.


UCT professor elected by National Academy of Sciences
17 October
University of Cape Town Professor Di McIntyre has been elected as a foreign associate to the National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine (IOM) in Washington, DC. IOM members provide policy advice on health issues, and their work has global influence and impact.


UCT Professor to speak on Nanoscience, Nanotechnology and Nanovation
12 October
Professor David Britton, founding director of the NanoSciences Innovation Centre and professor in the Department of Physics at University of Cape Town, will speak on "Nanoscience, Nanotechnology and Nanovation"? on Wednesday, 17 October 2012, at 17:30.


Minister Trevor Manuel to speak at SA Child Gauge 2012 launch
12 October
Rising inequalities and its impact on South Africa's children will be in the spotlight at the launch of the South African Child Gauge 2012 in Cape Town next week. The event will be hosted jointly by the Children's Institute, University of Cape Town, UNICEF South Africa, and UCT's Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit.


Prof Karabus granted bail while awaiting trial
11 October
Bail has been granted to Emeritus Associate Professor Cyril Karabus with the conditions that he surrender his passport (which is at the court already) and pay 100 000 dirhams (R240 000) as a deposit to the court.


UCT law faculty's statement on the decision by SADC to 'shut down' regional court
9 October
UCT's Faculty of Law is "dismayed and outraged" that the Southern African Development Community (SADC) has "effectively" robbed individuals who feel they had been denied justice in their home countries of the opportunity to seek legal recourse.


Science Minister to speak at UCT symposium on New Paradigms in Drug Discovery
9 October
Science Minister Derek Hanekom will address the opening session of the New Paradigms in Drug Discovery symposium to be hosted by the University of Cape Town's Drug Discovery and Development Centre (H3-D) from 15 to 18 October at the Vineyard Hotel in Newlands, Cape Town. International experts in drug discovery will join local counterparts to discuss new approaches to drug discovery for malaria, tuberculosis and non-communicable diseases, as well as drug metabolism and pharmacogenetics, among other topics.


UCT construction studies students help special needs school alleviate challenges
8 October
The University of Cape Town's construction studies students recently got their hands dirty at the Tembaletu School for learners with special needs in Gugulethu. Over the past few weeks the students have raised R52 800 for the community build, which forms part of one of the first-year courses in the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at UCT.


UCT delighted with Times Higher Education ranking
3 October
The University of Cape Town is delighted to be placed once again among the top 200 universities in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings. The institution has remained on the brink of the list of top 100 universities worldwide over the last 3 years.


UCT professor to discuss how computational revolution has reshaped the scientific method
2 October
Professor Kevin Naidoo at the University of Cape Town develops novel computational methods to resolve chemical and chemical biological problems that are intractable to scientists using only the traditional tools of experiment and theory. During his inaugural lecture, Professor Naidoo will deliver a talk entitled: "The Computational Revolution and how it is reshaping the Scientific Method in Chemistry and Chemical Biology".


Universities in Western Cape launch graduate survey
2 October
The 4 universities in the Western Cape – UCT, CPUT, UWC and Stellenbosch University – launched a large scale graduate tracer survey this week.


Race relations, youth culture and development to be discussed at UCT
2 October
Artists such as Driemanskap, Jitsvinger, Burni Aman (ex-Godessa), Shameema Williams (ex-Godessa), Elise Fernandez and DJ Eazy will help build bridges between the work of artists, activists and scholars at the Festival of Desire conference at the University of Cape Town on 5–6 October.

Third quarter


UCT's Mizrahi receives international grant for TB research
26 September
Professor Valerie Mizrahi, Director of the Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicineat the University of Cape Town, has been named one of 13 leading basic science researchers in the world to receive a Senior International Research Scholar (SIRS) award from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). Mizrahi is studying mechanisms of cofactor, DNA, and nucleotide metabolism in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the organism that causes human tuberculosis. Her laboratory aims to contribute to the discovery of new drugs for TB by understanding mechanisms of metabolic flexibility and identifying metabolic vulnerabilities in this formidable human pathogen.


Professor Karabus has our support, says UCT
25 September
The University of Cape Town has been working behind the scenes in support of Emeritus Associate Professor Cyril Karabus since his arrest and detention in the United Arab Emirates on 18 August 2012, it announced today.


NRF singles out UCT for top honours
13 September
The National Research Foundation (NRF) has recognised the superlative work of 3 researchers at the University of Cape Town, by naming them for Special Category Awards at a ceremony in Cape Town on Thursday, 13 September 2012. Professor Tim Noakes received the NRF lifetime achievement award for his pioneering work in sports science research. Professor Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan received the Transformation of the Science Cohort Award for her achievements as a palaeobiologist. Professor Kelly Chibale was named the NRF's Champion of Research and Capacity Development at Higher Education Institutions in South Africa.


Transcription of the 13th Steve Biko Annual Memorial Lecture by Dr Ben Okri at UCT on 12 September 2012
14 September
Molweni! Vice-Chancellor, Max Price, Mr Nkosinathi Biko, members of the extraordinary Biko family, members of the Board of Trustees, the Minister of National Planning, Deputy-Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, distinguished guests, comrades, ladies and gentlemen – and in South African parlance, all protocols observed.


UCT statement on World University Rankings 2012
11 September
Results from Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings for 2012/13, released on 11 September 2012, place the University of Cape Town at 154. The university has climbed 2 places, up from 156 in 2011 and 161st in 2010. The QS system ranks UCT as the only university in Africa in the top 200 and 7th in the Top 10 BRICS universities. The rankings also place 5 South African universities in the top 700.


Media conference with Ben Okri re: 13th annual Steve Biko Memorial Lecture at UCT
10 September
The Steve Biko Memorial lecture will be delivered at the University of Cape Town on Wednesday, 12 September 2012, by Ben Okri, Nigerian poet, novelist and one of the foremost African writers in the post-modern and post-colonial traditions. Professor Okri has published 10 novels, including The Famished Road, as well as collections of poetry, short stories and essays. The lecture, which marks the 35th anniversary of Biko's death, will be hosted by UCT and the Steve Biko Foundation at 18:00 in Jameson Hall, Upper Campus.


Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe to speak at National Conference on Strategies to Overcome Poverty and Inequality at UCT
06 September
Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe to deliver keynote address at the closing session of the National Conference on Strategies to Overcome Poverty and Inequality at UCT, on 7 September, 15:45 (All media attending to be accredited by 15:00).


Annual Steve Biko Memorial Lecture at UCT
05 September
The Steve Biko Memorial lecture will be delivered at the University of Cape Town on Wednesday, 12 September 2012, by Ben Okri, Nigerian poet, novelist and one of the foremost African writers in the post-modern and post-colonial traditions. The lecture, which marks the 35th anniversary of Biko's death, will be hosted by UCT and the Steve Biko Foundation at 18:00 in Jameson Hall, Upper Campus.


UCT to host public lecture: The Higgs Boson: What's all the hype about?
04 September
The University of Cape Town will host a public lecture on the Higgs Boson, to be delivered by Dr Andrew Hamilton of the Department of Physics. For 5 years Dr Hamilton was a core member of the ATLAS collaboration that was searching for the Higgs Boson. On 4 July 2012 one of the most exciting events in the history of physics occurred: the discovery of what is thought to be a new particle, the Higgs Boson (the existence of which was predicted almost 50 years ago by British theoretical physicist Peter Higgs).


A pre-R year: is it worth it, and what would it cost?: Towards Carnegie III conference at UCT
30 August
It is hazardous to make a direct leap from neuroscience to policy recommendations. Simply because early childhood provides opportunities for more efficient interventions which have dramatic impact on inequality, this does not mean that the Early Child Development (ECD) policies actually implemented by communities, provinces, or national government are worthy investments.


Energy Access: where are we going in Africa?: Towards Carnegie III conference at UCT
30 August
Access to energy has been on the development agenda for several decades, focusing on electrification and other clean fuels such as LPG. Nevertheless, access to electricity and modern fuels remains low in Sub Saharan Africa. Traditional biomass, particularly wood fuel, remains a predominantly rural fuel, although charcoal use is high in many urban centres. One major problem with burning biomass in open fires is the smoke, which seriously affects health.


The poverty of education in South Africa: Towards Carnegie III conference at UCT
30 August
The poor performances of learners in Annual National Assessments, along with consistently weak performance in international tests and at the Matric level in South Africa have highlighted deep-rooted weaknesses in the education system. The burden of failure falls primarily on rural and African children, and the consequent drop-out of learners has a knock-on effect in the labour market where, again, the burdens of unemployment fall most heavily on these youth.


Issues In SA's Jobs Fund and Youth Wage Subsidy: Towards Carnegie III conference at UCT
30 August
The South African Government is increasingly experimenting with the introduction of numerous policies and programmes to fight what appears to be an obstinate unemployment problem. Among the latest of the country's policy artilleries launched and proposed in the battle against joblessness are the Jobs Fund and Youth Wage Subsidy to complement existing Active labour Market Policies (ALMPs). In particular, the youth wage subsidy continues to be the subject of controversy among politicians and trade unions over its desirability


School Feeding in South Africa: Towards Carnegie III conference at UCT
29 August
In 1994 President Mandela initiated the South African School Feeding Programme to feed needy learners a daily nutritious meal so that they come to school, stay in school and can concentrate on their education. In 2012 the National School Nutrition Programme aims to feed +/- 8 million learners daily, with an annual budget of R5 billion.


Teenage pregnancy in SA: Towards Carnegie III conference at UCT
29 August
The problems of teenage pregnancy arise from individual, familial and societal factors, including, but not limited to, culture, religion, moral values and beliefs, education and economic circumstances, and a lack of support structures. Life circumstances that place girls at higher risk of teenage pregnancy include poverty, poor school performance, a family history of teenage pregnancy, and partner age, coupled with trade-offs between health and economic security often negotiated by young women. Other contributory risk factors include early sexual debut, ignorance, curiosity, peer pressure, gender-based violence, power imbalances in sexual relationships and family conflict.


Tuberculosis and structural poverty; what can be done? Towards Carnegie III conference at UCT
29 August
Poverty in South Africa shares common causes and manifestations with poverty globally. How we choose to address ongoing widespread poverty (local and global) lies at the heart of the potential either for tuberculosis to become untreatable due to total drug resistance, or for deliberate action to greatly reduce the burden of this devastating disease. As severe poverty is the result of human agency we can choose either of these futures.


Marikana - what have we done?
29 August
The Institute for Development and Labour Law in the Faculty of Law, University of Cape Town invites you to a discussion to be led by Professor Steven Friedman on 30th August


Statement by Mrs Naledi Pandor, Minister of Science and Technology at the announcement of the Malaria candidate drug, University of Cape Town, 28 August 2012, 12:00
28 August
I have the pleasure to announce the discovery of a compound which will be of the first ever clinical candidate researched on African soil as part of a modern pharmaceutical industry drug discovery programme.


African research identifies strong candidate for possible single-dose malaria cure
28 August
A recently discovered compound from the aminopyridine class not only has the potential to become part of a single-dose cure for all strains of malaria, but might also be able to block transmission of the parasite from person to person, according to a research collaboration involving the Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV), based in Switzerland, and the Drug Discovery and Development Centre (H3-D) at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.


UCT to host 16th annual International Education Association of South Africa (IEASA) conference
28 August
The theme of the conference is: Promoting Higher Education Internationalisation through International Research Collaborations, Partnerships and Innovative Teaching. It will seek to define what internationalisation means or should mean for institutions in South Africa.


UCT to host national conference on Strategies to Overcome Poverty and Inequality
27 August
Strategies to Overcome Poverty and Inequality: Towards Carnegie III will look for effective ways to reduce inequality and poverty in its many forms. The conference will follow on from 2 historic Carnegie inquiries which focused on highlighting and addressing poverty and inequality in South Africa.


UCT mourns death of Neville Alexander
27 August
The University of Cape Town is deeply saddened by the death of retired Professor Neville Alexander, acclaimed linguist, academic and anti-apartheid struggle veteran, following a battle with cancer.


UCT's Kaplan Centre to host conference with world renowned scholars on Holocaust Scholarship
15 August
A panel discussion on "Nazism and the Holocaust: Intersections with the South African Experience" will be one of the key events of a 3-day conference hosted by the Kaplan Centre at the University of Cape Town in association with the South African Holocaust & Genocide Foundation. The international conference will explore aspects of Holocaust historiography.


Nurses as effective as doctors in treating HIV patients
14 August
Nurse-centred care of HIV patients can be just as safe and effective as care delivered by doctors and has a number of specific health benefits, according to a new study led by the University of Cape Town (UCT) and University of East Anglia (UEA).


UCT to honour champion teacher in Limpopo
8 August
The Centre for Higher Education Development (CHED) at the University of Cape Town will present the Stella Clark Teachers' Award to Mr Phuti Ramarope of Sinthumule Secondary School in Tshilwavhusiku, Limpopo, on Monday, 13 August 2012 at 12:30.


UCT expert to speak on Economics and Transformation: Measurement, Models, Maths and Myths
1 August
Professor Martin Wittenberg of the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town will speak on "Economics and Transformation: Measurement, Models, Maths and Myths" on Wednesday, 8 August 2012, at 17:30.


UCT research shows ART and preventive TB drug combine to reduce TB
26 July
Under field conditions, 12 months of isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT) safely prevented tuberculosis among HIV infected adults who were also taking antiretroviral therapy (ART), according to the findings of a study conducted at a busy HIV clinic in South Africa. For patients on ART, there were 37% fewer cases of TB among those who also received IPT, compared with those who were on ART alone.


UCT students to host Sexwale at ANC centenary lecture
26 July
The University of Cape Town chapter of the ANC Youth League is organising a talk featuring Mr Tokyo Sexwale, ANC NEC member and Minister of Human Settlements. His address will form part of the ANC Centenary celebrations.


UCT expert to discuss challenges in student learning in SA
26 July
Professor Jennifer Case, of the Department of Chemical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment (EBE) at the University of Cape Town, will speak on her research into student learning in contemporary South Africa, in her inaugural lecture on 1 August 2012.


Visiting experts at UCT to discuss how young children's self-control builds national well-being
26 July
Childhood self-control predicts criminal offending, addiction, personal finances, parenting skills, savings for retirement, and physical health and illness diagnosed via biomarkers, according to the findings of collaborative research conducted by married team Dr Avshalom Caspi and Dr Terrie Moffitt.


UCT short courses show how laypeople can contribute to science
25 July
The Centre for Open Learning at the University of Cape Town is offering courses designed for members of the public who want to gain greater levels of specialist knowledge in fields of science.


Seminar to examine UCT students in community service
24 July
The University of Cape Town will present its second seminar in the Schools Improvement Initiative series for 2012: Dr Janice McMillan will speak on "UCT in school, in community: How do we generate partnerships and energy for positive change?" at 16:00 on Tuesday, 31 July 2012, in Humanities LT2, UCT Upper Campus.


UCT team awarded R2.5m NRF grant for SA biogas projects
19 July
A project led by the University of Cape Town to convert organic waste into an alternative energy source has been awarded a R2.5-million grant by the National Research Foundation (NRF) to support research into the emerging biogas innovation sector in South Africa.


UCT statement on the acquittal of those accused of the murder of UCT student Dominic Giddy
19 July
Since the tragic death of University of Cape Town (UCT) student Dominic Giddy (21) in February 2010, the University of Cape Town has monitored reports of the arrest and subsequent trial of those accused of his killing. Today we learnt of the acquittal of 2 of the accused in the Cape Town Regional Court after a third accused was also acquitted earlier this month.


Top criminologist to speak at UCT on 'Restorative Justice: Republican Vision and Justice as a Better Future'
19 July
John Braithwaite, Australian Research Council Federation Fellow at the Australian National University, will speak at the University of Cape Town on "Restorative Justice: Republican Vision and Justice as a Better Future", on Thursday, 26 July 2012, at 18:00 in Lecture Theatre 1, Kramer Law Building.


UCT expert to discuss The Science of the Olympics
18 July
Dr Ross Tucker, a senior researcher in exercise physiology at the Sports Science Institute of SA at the University of Cape Town, will present insights into the 2012 Summer Olympics at a seminar on the day of the Olympics Opening Ceremony.


UCT professor appointed chief medical officer for Paralympic Games
18 July
Wayne Derman, professor of sports medicine with the UCT/Medical Research Council Research Unit for Exercise Science and Sport & Exercise Medicine, has been selected as the chief medical officer for the South African team heading to the London 2012 Paralympics in August.


UCT to launch dialogue series on concerns, challenges in climate change
13 July
The African Climate Development Initiative (ACDI) at the University of Cape Town is launching a series of academic seminars designed to facilitate and foster inter- and cross-disciplinary discussions on climate and development concerns and challenges.


UCT researchers raise R30m for new heart valve start-up
2 July
Research conducted at the University of Cape Town has sparked the formation of 2 new biotechnology companies, which have attracted investments totalling R30 million towards the development and manufacture of new devices that can replace damaged heart valves without expensive open-heart surgery.


UCT's latest A-rated scientist improving TB diagnosis in children
21 June
The latest A-rated researcher at University of Cape Town, Professor Heather Zar - head of the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health at Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital - is developing methods to improve diagnosing tuberculosis in children.


UCT researchers investigate motivation, performance and decision making in the workplace
8 June
Two PhD candidates at the University of Cape Town have focused their respective research theses on decision making models and methods that improve workplace environment.


UCT PhD sets to improve healthcare delivery
8 June
Despite South Africa having one of the highest expenditures as a percentage of GDP on healthcare, it has a number of very concerning outcomes. Dr Zameer Brey's PhD thesis titled: Towards building a theory of Lean Implementation in Healthcare, shows how effectively implemented lean thinking can contribute to improved quality, responsiveness, flexibility and efficiency of service delivery whilst improving staff morale.


UCT PhD graduate sniffs out the secrets of cycad scent and pollination
7 June
University of Cape Town doctoral student Terence Suinyuy's thesis – The role of cone volatiles and thermogenesis in the pollination of Encephalartos cycads with particular reference to E. villosus - examines the role of cone odours in mediating the behaviour of insects that pollinate cycads, an ancient group of plants that is well represented in South Africa.


UCT PhD graduate's research confirms value of business network competence
7 June
University of Cape Town doctoral student Gert Human's thesis, Competencies, Capabilities and Relational Factors in Buyer-Supplier Business-to-Business Networks, examines the relationship between network competencies, network capabilities and typical measures associated with the performance of modern business-to-business (B2B) relationships.


UCT graduate builds world's fastest rapid-compression machine
7 June
The University of Cape Town's Gavin Evezard, of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, has single-handedly built the world's fastest rapid-compression machine (RCM): a machine that could improve fuel combustion in automobile engines.


UCT masters graduates' projects look to contribute to society
7 June
Professor David Cooper's recent book, The University in Development, highlighted the need for universities' research agendas to include a strong social development component. University of Cape Town students - some of whom are graduating this week - are taking that to heart.


1340* UCT students to be capped this week
6 June
The University of Cape Town will confer 2 honorary doctorates and award 1340* degrees, including 44* PhD's, to students from 6 faculties during its 3 winter graduation ceremonies this week. This is a slight increase from the 1 336 students who graduated in June 2011 and the 1 293 of June 2010.


Family of gold winners sponsors new trophy for UCT Mathematics Competition
6 June
The University of Cape Town Mathematics Competition this year will inaugurate a new trophy category, thanks to the generosity of the Moolla family, whose 3 sons were consistent Gold Award winners when they were in high school.


Mda, Sanders and UCT students to be capped next week
1 June
The University of Cape Town's midyear graduation will take place at 3 ceremonies on 7 and 8 June 2012. Along with students who will receive their respective degrees on stage at Jameson Hall, literary giant Zakes Mda and medical pioneer Professor David Saunders will receive honorary doctorates at the 15:00 ceremony on Friday, 8 June 2012.


UCT academic honoured by Oppenheimer Memorial Trust
1 June
The University of Cape Town congratulates Professor Les Underhill, the Director of the Department of Zoology and the Animal Demographics Unit (ADU) at UCT, who received the Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship Award from the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust on Friday, 1 June 2012.

Second quarter


UCT speakers to analyse different facets of SA's education problems
29 May
The University of Cape Town will launch the Schools Improvement Initiative (SII) Seminar Series at 16:00 on 29 May 2012, to bring a multidisciplinary approach to the problems of schooling in South Africa.


SKA decision will expand UCT's astronomy reach even further
25 May
The University of Cape Town enthusiastically welcomes the decision by the SKA Science and Engineering Committee (SSEC) and its associates to assign a portion of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) of radio telescopes to South Africa.


UCT to honour literary giant Zakes Mda and medical pioneer Professor David Sanders in June
23 May
The University of Cape Town will award honorary degrees to 2 experts chosen not only for what they have contributed in their respective fields of expertise, but also to society as a whole.


HIV: Surviving under immense pressure
18 May
University of Cape Town Professor Carolyn Williamson will deliver her inaugural lecture about her research into HIV, titled HIV: Surviving under immense pressure, on 23 May 2012 at 17:30 in the Student Learning Centre Lecture Theatre, Anatomy Building at UCT's Faculty of Health Sciences in Mowbray.


Editor-in-chief of Science magazine to speak on Science and World's Future at UCT
14 May
Bruce Alberts, editor-in-chief of Science magazine and professor emeritus of biochemistry and biophysics at the University of California in San Francisco, will speak on Science and the World's Future on Wednesday, 23 May 2012, at 13:00 in Lecture Theatre 3, Kramer Law Building, in the first Vice-Chancellor's Open Lecture for 2012 at the University of Cape Town.


UCT professor to talk about the epistemic significance of disagreement
14 May
In his inaugural lecture titled Disagreement: its Epistemic Significance on 16 May, the University of Cape Town's Professor Benhard Weiss will tackle the question of how people should modify their views when they discover that other enquirers have arrived at different opinions.


Drier winters could be end for Cape fynbos, UCT researcher warns
11 May
Geological evidence from as far back as 1800 years ago indicates that as the planet warms due to build-ups of heat-trapping greenhouse gases, winter rainfall in the Cape is likely to become scarcer as well.


Africans to fill gap in curing malaria, TB, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular disease
7 May
Professor Kelly Chibale of UCT Drug Discovery and Development Centre to speak on Drug Discovery in Africa: Challenges, Status and Opportunities: 8 May 2012, 16:00, LT3 PD Hahn, Upper Campus.


UCT algorithm uncorks best buys for wine
4 May
Finding a good wine is a bit like kissing lots of dressed up frogs, says Dr David Priilaid of the University of Cape Town. Currently convenor of the Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship in UCT's School of Management Studies, Priilaid has developed an algorithm that cuts through all the labels, snobbery and guesswork and can help wine lovers pick up good quality wines at very good prices.


UCT students celebrate Africa month
4 May
As the University of Cape Town prepares for its annual Africa Day celebrations – which have been expanded to a full month of events over May – the student community is also getting involved with the Student Representative Council (SRC) and various student societies participating in a number of exciting events.


UCT's Jammie Shuttle service returns to normal after strike ends
26 April
The University of Cape Town's free transportation service, the Jammie Shuttle, has resumed its normal timetable after drivers employed by Sibanye ended their wildcat strike early this afternoon. The drivers have returned to work and all Jammie Shuttle routes are operating normally.


Wildcat strike by Sibanya drivers will affect thousands of UCT students
25 April
The University of Cape Town's free transportation service, the Jammie Shuttle, has been suspended today because drivers have embarked on a wildcat strike. The university was informed only this morning of the strike.


UCT's renamed College of Accounting puts transformation, public sector high on agenda
19 April
The Department of Accounting at the University of Cape Town has changed its name to reflect a fresh focus on transformation within the accounting profession, improving the quality of its graduates, and playing a more active role in improving public sector accounting, among other things.


2012 UCT Maths Competition breaks records: 8 312 entries from 153 schools
12 April
A record entry of 8 312 participants from a record number of 153 Western Cape schools will converge on the University of Cape Town Upper Campus on the evening of Monday, 16 April. After registration, they will move into 63 different venues across the campus to write the contest papers.


Dinosaur bones debunk migratory myth – UCT researcher
10 April
Duck-billed dinosaurs were once dubbed the "happy wanderers" of the North Pole, but a new study suggests they were not migratory at all and preferred to stay closer to home. The evidence is in their bones, according to a team of dinosaur palaeontologists from the University of Cape Town and the US.


NRF awards P-ratings to 3 young researchers at UCT
3 April
Three researchers at the University of Cape Town have been awarded P-ratings by the National Research Foundation (NRF). P-ratings honour young scholars who demonstrate the potential to become future leaders in their respective fields. Only 4 P-ratings were awarded for the country as a whole in this cycle.


UCT to host Africa's first International Mathematical Olympiad
2 April
The University of Cape Town will host the 2014 International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in July 2014. The IMO is the world championship of mathematics, launched in in Romania in 1959.

First quarter


Prestigious award for UCT's champion of drug discovery
20 March
University of Cape Town professor Kelly Chibale was presented the 2011 Alan Pifer Research Award on 15 March 2012, in recognition of his establishment of the H3-D Drug Discovery and Development Centre - the first centre of its kind in Africa, which runs under Professor Chibale's direction.


UCT to honour pioneers in arts, economics, science, law and medicine
29 February
This year, the University of Cape Town will award honorary degrees to a selection of experts chosen not only for what each has contributed to his or her respective areas of expertise, but to society as a whole. This year's honorands are: Allan Gray; Marlene Dumas; Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones; Nicholas Haysom; David Sanders; and Jonathan Ellis.


UCT helps rural people fight law that could promote abuse of power by tribal leaders
8 February
The Law, Race and Gender Unit (LRG) at the University of Cape Town is working with the Legal Resources Centre and local community-based organisations to ensure that people living in rural villages will have an opportunity to speak out against the proposed passage of the controversial Traditional Courts Bill, which is considered unconstitutional by legal experts. View video.


New master's programme to build mental health care capacity in Africa
2 February
The Alan J Flisher Centre for Public Mental Health (CPMH), a joint initiative between the University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch University (SU), has launched Africa's first postgraduate training programme in public mental health, to help build capacity in mental health care in Africa.


UCT mechanical engineers invent device to grow bone and tissue in upper jaw
27 January
Two University of Cape Town engineers and a surgeon have adapted simple mechanical engineering principles to develop groundbreaking maxillo-facial surgery. The team uses a plate-guided distractor (basically a hose clamp made to work as a crawler on a track) to grow new bone in the upper jaw of patients who had large surgical defects following on ablation of tumour or trauma. View video.


UCT medical professor joins global fellowship on occupational health
26 January
University of Cape Town Professor Mohamed Jeebhay has been elected as a fellow of the Collegium Ramazzini. The Collegium is an international scientific society, founded in 1982, that examines critical issues in occupational and environmental medicine with a view towards action to prevent disease and promote health.


Book by UCT academic explores universities' role in wider society
24 January
Universities are taking on the function of economic development in addition to their traditional double mission of teaching and basic research, according to a new book by Professor David Cooper, a sociologist at the University of Cape Town. The University in Development, launched in November 2011 by HSRC Press, analyses the complex relationship between universities and the rapidly changing world they operate in.


New applications mark UCT as centre of 'nanovation'
24 January
The NanoSciences Innovation Centre at the University of Cape Town and the centre's spin-out company, PST Sensors, have recently introduced joint developments in thermal imaging and sensor imaging technology that can increase efficiency and safety in a number of industries, including food and pharmaceutical packaging, retail, transport and logistics, aerospace and automotive engineering, healthcare, marketing and advertising.