Media releases


Fourth quarter


World’s first centre to tackle more than 600 000 African fungal infection-related deaths set up by University of Aberdeen at the University of Cape Town
20 December 2016
The world’s first international research centre for tackling fungal infections which kill around 1.3 million people globally every year has been set up in South Africa by the University of Aberdeen in conjunction with the University of Cape Town.


UCT to stage graduation ceremonies for Masters and doctoral students
19 December 2016
Approximately 570 Masters and PhD students will be capped when the University of Cape Town (UCT) stages graduation ceremonies for postgraduates on Tuesday, 20 December 2016, in Jameson Hall.


UCT study confirms decline in iconic conifer trees
05 December 2016
A study by University of Cape Town (UCT) researchers has confirmed the decline in an iconic conifer, the Clanwilliam cedar (Widdringtonia cedarbergensis), which gives the name to the Cederberg Wilderness Area (CWA) in South Africa.


UCT earns position on international expert advisory board to tackle drug resistant infections
30 November 2016
The UK government has appointed an expert advisory board to advise how it can best spend an additional 50 million British pounds over the next 5 years to fund innovative initiatives to tackle drug resistant infections, which include resistance to antibiotics.


UCT welcomes R10m funding from FirstRand
29 November 2016
The University of Cape Town has welcomed a donation by FirstRand Bank of R10 million towards an emergency fund to cater for the unexpected additional costs of deferred examinations in January 2017. These costs would be prohibitive for poorer students.


UCT events and interview opportunities
28 November 2016


Rise of the hired hitman: assassinations and democracy in SA
16 November 2016
Researchers at the Centre for Criminology have studied targeted killings in South Africa over a 16-year period, and have revealed how consistent a feature ‘hits’ are in resolving conflict in many sectors of society, including business, the taxi industry and the political sphere – with, they argue, very negative consequences for democracy.


International team discovers major supercluster of galaxies hidden by Milky Way
16 November 2016
An international team of astronomers has discovered a previously unknown major concentration of galaxies in the constellation Vela, which they have dubbed the Vela supercluster.


Wits, UCT to host symposium to honour Justice Moseneke
15 November 2016
The University of Cape Town and the University of the Witwatersrand will host a joint symposium on 7 December 2016 at Smuts Hall (UCT) in honour of Justice Dikgang Moseneke, for the immense contribution that he has made to society.


AXA awards first research chair in Africa to UCT
15 November 2016
AXA Research Fund has awarded its first research chair in Africa to the University of Cape Town. The new chair, in African Climate Risk, will be held by Professor Mark New, director of the African Climate and Development Initiative (ACDI). Worth R20.65 million (€1.35 million) over 15 years, the chair aims to make a significant change in the research field of African climate risk.


New research brings hope of winning the TB battle
15 November 2016
Scientists at the University of Cape Town are engaged in new research in the battle against tuberculosis (TB), which has overtaken HIV/AIDS as the leading cause of death from infectious disease. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), TB kills about 4 000 people a day.


FAQs on UCT–student agreement
08 November 2016
University of Cape Town Vice-Chancellor Dr Max Price and students from the SRC Candidates/Shackville TRC and other student formations have signed an agreement that will allow the institution to focus on completing final exams for the next 3 weeks, while laying the groundwork for ongoing engagement with protesting students via an Institutional Reconciliation and Transformation Commission (IRTC).


UCT Rises to 112th in Global University Rankings
28 October 2016
The University of Cape Town (UCT) has risen dramatically in the third annual 2017 Best Global Universities rankings.


UCT welcomes additional R10 million funding by Absa
28 October 2016
UCT welcomes the contribution of R10 million by financial services provider Absa to the university's scholarship programme, which will be channelled towards funding missing middle students – whose family income is above the R122 000pa National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) threshold but below R600 000.


Researchers aim for the clouds: UCT and NWU launch first stage of big-data African Research Cloud
26 October 2016
The Inter-University Institute for Data Intensive Astronomy (IDIA) has taken a giant leap forward by becoming the first African institute to launch a cloud-based data centre. This marks the first step in a 3-year pilot project to establish the African Research Cloud (ARC) for data-intensive research.


UCT confirms attack on private security staff
20 October 2016
The University of Cape Town confirms that 2 private security guards were brutally attacked on upper campus on 19 October 2016.


UCT’s security level clarified
17 October 2016
The University of Cape Town alerted the campus incorrectly this morning that several universities, including UCT, have been declared a level-3 security situation by the national commissioner of the South African Police Service, which, in effect, means that the Public Order Police are in command of the campus. We have now learnt that this is not correct.


UCT Vice-Chancellor escorted into Bremner Building by SAPS
14 October 2016
Listen to UCT’s audio statement (by the executive director of communications, Gerda Kruger).


Toll from Hilux fire could rise at UCT
14 October 2016
The University of Cape Town is assessing smoke damage to a ventilation system that serves a Geological Sciences laboratory housing highly sensitive equipment, worth millions of rand. The damage could be severe and it is possible the ventilation system will have to be completely replaced. UCT is assessing the ventilation system as well as the lab equipment it serves.
Listen to UCT’s audio statement (by the head of media liaison, Elijah Moholola).


UCT vehicle set alight
14 October 2016
The University of Cape Town confirms that a UCT Toyota Hilux double cab bakkie, which was used by students and researchers in the Geological Sciences Department, was destroyed by fire just after 03:00 this morning. No people were injured.
Listen to UCT’s audio statement (by the head of media liaison, Elijah Moholola).


UCT opens case against unlawful action
13 October 2016


Protesters blockade entrances to UCT Upper Campus
3 October 2016

Third quarter


Don’t sacrifice your careers, Pityana urges students
30 September 2016
UCT Chair of Council calls for reopening of academic programme on 3 October 2016


Dr Max Price calls for UCT lectures to resume
28 September 2016
In a message to the campus community, University of Cape Town Vice-Chancellor Dr Max Price has called for the reopening of the campus after classes and lectures have been suspended since last week.
Watch the video on YouTube. | Read the Daily News story.
Listen to UCT’s audio statement (by the head of media liaison, Elijah Moholola).


Dr Max Price to speak on future of the academic year at UCT
28 September 2016
UCT Vice-Chancellor to address media at 11:00 on Wednesday, 28 September 2016.


Traffic access blocked at UCT lower campus and upper campus
27 September 2016
Vice-Chancellor The University of Cape Town confirms that a small group of protesters have blocked access to Baxter Road in Lower Campus, where the Jammie Shuttles normally stop.


UCT’s picket protest is for long-term solution to funding higher education
22 September 2016
Vice-Chancellor Dr Max Price makes statement about the purpose of UCT’s picket at Parliament.
Listen to the audio.


UCT remains top in SA in THE World University Rankings
22 September 2016
The University of Cape Town is South Africa’s top achiever once again, although it has dropped 28 places to 148th in the latest Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2016-17 results published on 21 September 2016.


Magic Flute production postponed as a result of university fees protests
21 September 2016
A 5-day opera production of Mozart’s The Magic Flute, involving music students from the University of Cape Town’s Opera School, the South African College of Music (SACM) and Cape Town Opera (CTO) singers, has been postponed as a result of the temporary suspension of classes and tests at UCT.


Institute for Creative Arts Fellows and Iziko Museums of South Africa present Amie Soudien and Thembinkosi Goniwe at the in_herit Festival 2016
21 September 2016
The Institute for Creative Arts (ICA) is partnering with Iziko Museums to present dynamic presentations on Heritage Day by ICA Fellows Amie Soudien and Thembinkosi Goniwe.


Lower Campus and North entrance blocked at UCT
20 September 2016
Protesters at the University of Cape Town are blocking the following access points to campus.


UCT to assess minister’s recommendations on university fees
19 September 2016
The University of Cape Town has noted the recommendations on university fees made today by Higher Education Minister Dr Blade Nzimande.


UCT monitoring protest action near Tugwell & Leo Marquard Halls, lower campus
15 September 2016
The University of Cape Town is monitoring a small protest which has disrupted the Jammie Bus service on lower campus. The Jammie bus service has been diverted to an alternative route.


UCT’s Institute for Creative Arts presents 5 THOUGHTS: Creative research presentations: 18 September 2016
14 September 2016
An afternoon programme with the Institute for Creative Arts fellows: Sihle Hlophe, Genna Gardini, Thalia Laric, Nala Xaba and Alan Parker.


UCT events and interview opportunitiess
12 September 2016


UCT’s statement on suspension of SRC elections
08 September 2016
The Student Representative Council (SRC) Election Regulations provide for the Election Commission, as an independent and impartial body, to oversee and govern the SRC elections or by-elections in a free and fair manner. The Election Commission has released a statement in which they announce the temporary and indefinite suspension of the SRC election process.


UCT still ranked first in Africa despite drop on overall QS Rankings
07 September 2016
The University of Cape Town (UCT) continues to rank first in South Africa and on the continent, although this is the second year of a drop in places in the overall Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Rankings.


Cheetah’s tail imparts aerodynamic forces and torques – UCT study
06 September 2016
A first-of-its-kind detailed study by University of Cape Town (UCT) academics, published by Biology Open, has demonstrated the potential of the cheetah’s long, furry tail to impart torques and forces on the body as a result of aerodynamic effects.


UCT events and interview opportunitiess
05 September 2016


UCT research reveals that financial literacy is key to promoting access to finance for all South Africans
30 August 2016
A PhD thesis from the University of Cape Town’s Faculty of Commerce investigates the role of financial literacy in the use of financial services, and whether the use of formal financial services can improve one’s welfare compared to using semi-formal or informal mechanisms in South Africa.


UCT events and interview opportunitiess
29 August 2016


UCT resumes student work in Khayelitsha
26 August 2016
University of Cape Town staff and students resumed their full range of programmes in Khayelitsha on 24 August 2016, including clinical training for health sciences students, following a meeting between UCT staff and community leaders on 23 August.


African bird shows signs of evil stepdad behaviour
24 August 2016
An African desert-dwelling male bird favours his biological sons and alienates his stepsons, suggests research published in Biological Letters.


UCT doctoral research tackles infant respiratory diseases
23 August 2016
“We were able to develop reference lung function data for African infants for the first time, which will be key for ongoing research in this area.”


UCT events and interview opportunitiess
23 August 2016


UCT led consortium to build first regional data node of national cyberinfrastructure
17 August 2016
The Department of Science and Technology (DST) announced on Tuesday that it has approved a proposal by a Western Cape consortia of institutions, led by the University of Cape Town, to establish a Western Cape Data Intensive Research Facility (DIRF), as part of DST’s National Integrated Cyberinfrastructure System (NICIS).


UCT doctoral research highlights the potential of black feminist intellectual activism as teaching
17 August 2016
A thesis by University of Cape Town (UCT) graduate Mary Hames argues that it is possible to realise the potential of black feminist theories through pedagogic strategies operative beyond the academic curriculum but still within university institutional borders.


UCT research highlights the unique contribution of women to leadership and socio-political transformation in Africa
16 August 2016
A PhD thesis from the University of Cape Town's Graduate School of Business within the Faculty of Commerce explores women's experiences within senior leadership positions in organisations, with particular reference to South Africa and Kenya.


UCT events and interview opportunitiess
15 August 2016


UCT study identifies novel ART drug-related liver injury
10 August 2016
A recent study by University of Cape Town academics has found that Efavirenz, a drug that forms part of many antiretroviral regimens particularly in low and middle-income countries, causes a pattern of drug-induced liver injury (DILI) that has previously not been associated with this drug.


UCT events and interview opportunitiess
08 August 2016


UCT events and interview opportunitiess
02 August 2016


UCT doctoral research uncovers recurring issue in international donor strategies
01 August 2016
A PhD thesis from the University of Cape Town’s Faculty of Commerce reveals evidence of a recurring problem that undermines the effectiveness of global poverty alleviation efforts.


UCT doctoral research examines lecturers’ stance on open educational resources
28 July 2016
A thesis by recent University of Cape Town PhD graduate, Glenda Cox, aims to explain the choices the institution’s lecturers make regarding whether or not to release selections of their teaching materials for use as open educational resources.


UCT’s Drug Discovery and Development Centre, H3D, identifies a second potent anti-malarial candidate
27 July 2016
The University of Cape Town (UCT)’s Drug Discovery and Development Centre, H3D, has identified a new potent anti-malarial development candidate with potential for both treatment and prevention of malaria.


UCT events and interview opportunities
26 July 2016


Cooperation between Cape Town and stakeholders can improve flood risk management in informal settlements, UCT study finds
20 July 2016
The City of Cape Town manages flood risk every winter in many of its flood-prone informal settlements on the Cape Flats. However, flooding in Cape Town is a complex socio-political problem to manage that needs the shared responsibility of multiple stakeholders for it to be successfully managed, a study by the University of Cape Town’s Department of Environmental and Geographical Sciences has found.


UCT doctoral research to inform the design of a neonatal HIV vaccine
20 July 2016
A University of Cape Town (UCT) Faculty of Health graduate’s thesis has put a spotlight on infants who are exposed to HIV to inform the design of a neonatal HIV vaccine.


UCT celebrates Eskom-university collaboration to develop skills
20 July 2016
The University of Cape Town is very excited to be hosting Phase 2 of the Eskom Power Plant Engineering Institute (EPPEI). The agreement bringing it into being was signed and launched on 16 July 2016, at the Sandton Convention Centre in the presence of the Minister of Public Enterprises, the Honourable Lynne Brown; the Chair of the Board of Eskom, Dr Ben Ngubane; the Group Chief Executive of Eskom, Mr Brian Molefe; Mr Matshela Koko of Eskom, who had a key role in creating EPPEI; and representatives of all the partner universities.


UCT researcher helps identify young dinosaur in Brazil
19 July 2016
This week, a team of Brazilian palaeontologists led by Aline M. Ghilardi, from Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, and including Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan, from the University of Cape Town in South Africa, announced the discovery of the first-ever dinosaur bone from Sousa.


UCT events and interview opportunities
18 July 2016


Humanities research focuses on prenatal alcohol exposure and feminist activism
14 July 2016
In June 2016, the University of Cape Town graduated 5 doctoral students whose research focused on, among others, the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure, social capital formation as a public sector approach, and black feminist intellectual activism. A summary of each thesis is presented.


PhD commerce research at UCT focuses on developing economies
11 July 2016
In June 2016, the University of Cape Town graduated 6 PhD candidates whose ground-breaking research contributes to a better understanding of developing economies, with a particular emphasis on the African context. A summary of each thesis is presented.


UCT events and interview opportunities
05 July 2016


UCT researchers honoured at NSTF awards
04 July 2016
Five UCT researchers were honoured at the prestigious 18th annual National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) Awards Gala Dinner which took place in Gauteng on Thursday night, 30 June 2016.


Martial Eagle filmed for TV series found dead
04 July 2016
A 'celebrity' eagle from the Kruger National Park that starred in a British wildlife television series, Fierce, has been killed by subsistence hunters in Mozambique, researchers from the University of Cape Town confirm.

Second quarter


Carbon limit of below 2 degrees might be reached by 2030
30 June 2016
UCT academic, Harald Winkler, a researcher at the Energy Research Centre at UCT, was part of the multi-author international team that conducted a meta-analysis of 10 independent studies.


UCT events and interview opportunities
29 June 2016


UCT Council agrees to change name of Jameson Hall
23 June 2016
The University of Cape Town (UCT) Council has resolved that the name of Jameson Hall should be changed. This decision was taken during a Council meeting that took place on 18 June 2016.


UCT’s Poverty and Inequality Initiative (PII)
23 June 2016
The most recent Poverty and Inequality Initiative (PII) newsletter – which focuses heavily on youth matters – provides an update of the work done by the PII, which is 1 of the University of Cape Town (UCT)’s 4 strategic initiatives.


UCT graduation commemorates 40th anniversary of June 16
17 June 2016
A total of 1 949 students – including 99 doctoral gradates – were among those who were capped at 13 ceremonies held at the University of Cape Town.


Address by UCT Vice-Chancellor, Dr Max Price, at the Science Faculty graduation
15 June 2016


UCT grads who made it against the odds
09 June 2016
Profiles of some of the remarkable students who will be capped during the June graduation season.


Sex life of earth’s biggest bird
08 June 2016
UCT palaeobiologist involved in international study to unravel the biology of giant 8 million-year-old extinct birds more akin to a goose than an ostrich.


What matters to youth on the 40th anniversary of Soweto uprisings?
07 June 2016
Bulletin identifies challenges facing youth 21 years into new democracy


UCT acknowledges student protest today
01 June 2016
A group of about 30 people protested outside the Bremner building at the University of Cape Town today, demanding the withdrawal of the court interdict against 5 people (3 of whom are students).


1 in 3 young South Africans sexually abused – new study
01 June 2016
1 in 3 young people in South Africa have experienced some form of sexual abuse during their lives, according to a new Optimus Study, the first-ever nationally representative study of child maltreatment in South Africa.


50th anniversary of Robert Kennedy’s ‘Ripple of Hope’ speech to be celebrated at UCT
27 May 2016
In 1966, then New York Senator Robert F Kennedy visited South Africa, bringing with him the hope that one day this country would abandon race politics – and a message that individual agency can change the world. The 50th anniversary of his visit will be commemorated at a special event at UCT on 4 June 2016 at 14:30 in Jameson Hall.


Five-million-year-old baleen whales from the West Coast of South Africa
26 May 2016
Today, whales are quite an attraction along our coastline. A new study, recently published in Australasian Journal of Palaeontology, Alcheringa, confirms that baleen whales were also part of the biodiversity in the waters along our coast, between 5–7million years ago.


The South African Child Gauge® at UCT celebrates 10 years of tracking the state of SA children
25 May 2016
In November 2016 the Children’s Institute (CI) at the University of Cape Town will release the eleventh issue of the South African Child Gauge: the only publication to provide an annual snapshot on the situation of South Africa’s children.


Unique cancer discovery opens path to early diagnosis and specialised treatment breakthroughs
20 May 2016
UCT researchers identify genetic patterns for 6 common types of cancer.


New UCT English Language Centre to benefit local and international students
19 May 2016
The University of Cape Town launched a new English Language Centre (ELC) within the vibrant Faculty of Humanities on Wednesday, 18 May 2016.


Professionalisation the tonic for municipalities' dysfunction
17 May 2016
Violent service protests across the country reflect the disjuncture between the needs of civil society's poorest and local government's roll-out of resources and services. It's a topic close to Phindile Ntliziywana's heart. One of UCT's 6 New Generation of Academics Programme (nGAP) participants, Ntliziywana's PhD examines how the public service, specifically local government, can be improved.


From tree of life to web of life: How Google Images can help ecologists study evolution
12 May 2016
Animals caught on camera by amateur photographers and posted on the web could become an important new tool for studying evolution and other ecological questions, researchers from South Africa have found. Their study – the first of its kind – is published today in Methods in Ecology and Evolution.


UCT to honour leaders in African art, archaeology and economics on 14 June 2016
10 May 2016
First tranche of 2016 honorary doctorates to be conferred on Anatsui, Deacon and Wilson in separate graduation ceremonies.


UCT public lecture to focus on 'Children on the front page'
09 May 2016
Emeritus Professor Marian Jacobs to deliver VC Open Lecture on Monday, 16 May 2016, 18:00 in the New Learning Centre Lecture Theatre, Anatomy Building, Faculty of Health Sciences, Anzio Road, Observatory.


Astronomers pinpoint echoes of ancient exploding star on our stellar doorstep
28 April 2016
Breakthrough for astronomers from UCT and the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT).


Scientists can detect dinosaur disease after 72 million years
26 April 2016
University of Cape Town (UCT) palaeobiologist, Professor Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan, and colleagues from the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) of Argentina, examined more than 74 bones of armoured titanosaurs from Argentina.


UCT opens Student Careline: 0800 24 25 26
23 April 2016
The University of Cape Town has introduced a new UCT Student Careline to assist students and staff member who are dealing with anxiety, depression or other forms of emotional distress.


Astronomers in South Africa discover mysterious alignment of black holes
11 April 2016
Deep radio imaging by researchers in the University of Cape Town and University of the Western Cape has revealed that supermassive black holes in a region of the distant universe are all spinning out radio jets in the same direction – most likely a result of primordial mass fluctuations in the early universe, a new paper in MNRAS reports today.


Removal of UCT artworks is about curation, not censorship, says Price
11 April 2016
The removal of works of art at the University of Cape Town is intended to help create a process of inclusive engagement and discussion to help advance transformation in the area of art curation; it is not intended to censor any artworks, Vice-Chancellor Dr Max Price says in a letter distributed to the campus community today.


UCT Maths Competition draws 8 000+ learners from across W Cape
07 April 2016
The 40th University of Cape Town Mathematics Competition will take place on Upper Campus on Thursday, 7 April 2016. The annual event will draw more than 8 000 participants representing 170 high schools in the Western Cape, including schools from as far afield as Atlantis, Ceres, Hopefield, Vredendal, Stellenbosch, Paarl, Worcester, Bredasdorp, Laingsburg and George.

First quarter


UCT invites nominations for renaming buildings
31 March 2016
University of Cape Town Vice-Chancellor Dr Max Price has invited students, staff members and alumni to present their views and arguments about whether certain names of buildings on campus should be changed or left as is, and if changed, to suggest alternative names.


Scientists at UCT and the University of California, San Francisco, uncover the genomic blueprint of bat wing development
29 March 2016
An international team of scientists from the University of Cape Town (UCT) and University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) has for the first time identified both genes and gene regulatory elements that are essential in wing development in the Natal long-fingered bat (Miniopterus natalensis), a species widely distributed in east and southern Africa.


A test to predict the risk of developing TB disease
23 March 2016
A landmark study published this month in the leading medical journal, The Lancet, reports the discovery of a blood test that can predict whether someone is likely to develop tuberculosis (TB) disease, long before the disease manifests.


UCT research could help identify remains of missing children
22 March 2016
University of Cape Town research involving the major joints of the human body in South African children has revealed information that could ultimately help in identifying the remains of missing children.


New academic-industry collaboration to develop new treatments for tuberculosis
18 March 2016
World-leading medicinal chemistry and biology at the Universities of Dundee (Scotland) and Cape Town (South Africa) have been allied to the industrial expertise of the Pharmaceuticals Division of Bayer (Germany), one of the world's leading pharma companies, in an effort to develop critically needed new treatments for tuberculosis (TB).


Old Mutual donates R2 million to UCT SRC's #FundingFutures Campaign
17 March 2016
The University of Cape Town (UCT) has received a R2 million financial contribution from Old Mutual to assist excelling students who are not eligible for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) funding.


UCT to host World Trade Organisation seminar
16 March 2016
The University of Cape Town will host a seminar to be addressed by the World Trade Organisation Director-General, Roberto Azevedo, on the occasion of his official visit to South Africa.


Old Mutual to make a large donation to UCT
15 March 2016
Financial services provider Old Mutual will donate funds to UCT to assist students struggling financially.


UCT offers R100 000 reward for arrest and successful prosecution of Rhodes Memorial attacker
11 March 2016
The executive of the University of Cape Town has offered a reward of R100 000 for information leading to the arrest and successful prosecution of the perpetrator in the recent attacks in the Rhodes Memorial area.


UCT-LSE July School open for registration
10 March 2016
UCT will host the 4th annual London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) – UCT July School from 27 June to 8 July this year. Applications made by 31 March 2016 qualify for early bird discount.


Coldest Place in Africa is in the UCT Physics Department
09 March 2016
The Physics Department at the University of Cape Town (UCT) recently acquired a Dilution Fridge, which is officially the coldest place in Africa with a temperature of 8.190mK (milli Kelvin), i.e. 122 times colder than the known naturally coldest place in the universe – the Boomerang Nebula.


UCT closes RiverView accommodation account
08 March 2016
The University of Cape Town is concluding a process of finding accommodation for students who arrived on campus in February in need of housing.


25 exceptional young leaders to participate in UCT leadership programme
08 March 2016
A group of 25 exceptional young Africans from 6 countries are participating in the second Leading in Public Life Young African Leaders programme at the University of Cape Town, which will take place over 2 weeks.


UCT research improves understanding of seasonal climate prediction
07 March 2016
Focusing on dissimilarity in computer simulations can improve understanding of the variability and predictability of seasonal climate in Africa, according to new research in Environmental and Geographical Science at the University of Cape Town.


UCT research aims to make Java programming easier on mobile phones
25 February 2016
New computer science research at the University of Cape Town aims to help students to learn computer programming using their mobile phones.


Text messages to reduce blood pressure, UCT study finds
18 February 2016
A collaborative study between the University of Cape Town and Oxford University has shown that text message reminders can help reduce people's blood pressure.


Message delivered by Dr Price on UCT student accommodation and protests
17 February 2016
Vice-Chancellor Dr Max Price addresses the current situation on campus and provides clarification about some of the facts.


Jammie bus set alight, another stoned by protesting students
16 February 2016
The University of Cape Town confirms that a Jammie Shuttle was set alight this evening on Lower Campus outside Tugwell residence. The bus was empty and nobody was hurt.


UCT executive requests RMF to move shack
16 February 2016
The University of Cape Town?s executive confirms that it has requested members of RhodesMustFall to move the shack that they have erected in the middle of Residence Road on campus to an alternative space nearby.


UCT protects rights to lawful protests
15 February 2016
This statement was sent to the University of Cape Town community.


UCT condemns hate speech in any form
11 February 2016
This statement was sent to the University of Cape Town community.


Eagles and Agriculture Coexist in South Africa – UCT study
10 February 2016
To biologists' surprise, an eagle population living in a South African landscape dominated by agriculture appears to be thriving, according to a new paper in The Condor: Ornithological Applications – even out-performing their neighbours in undeveloped mountain habitat.


UCT students counting down to launch of 197SAX
10 February 2016
UCT RAG's 83rd fundraising magazine issue to hit the streets on 11 February 2016.


Public art helps shape the urban experience, UCT research reveals
04 February 2016
Public art can help foster different ways of experiencing and understanding urban life, reveals new research from the University of Cape Town.


Trust of minibus taxi operators is key to reforming public transport – UCT research
27 January 2016
Research at the University of Cape Town has revealed encouraging signs of a positive and more productive relationship between local government and minibus taxi operators.


UCT research examines relationship between Eskom and bird conservation
20 January 2016
New research out of the University of Cape Town investigates the effects of an Eskom development in an area that is important for bird conservation. It also highlights the protection of grasslands areas which are increasingly threatened due to increasing demands for water and electricity.


Omega-3 levels affect whether B vitamins can slow brain's decline
19 January 2016
While research has already established that B vitamin supplements can help slow mental decline in older people with memory problems, an international team from the Universities of Cape Town (UCT), Oslo, Oxford and the UAE has now found that having higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in your body could boost the B vitamins' effect.


UCT appoints new Deputy Vice-Chancellor in the Research Portfolio
15 January 2016
The University of Cape Town (UCT) has appointed Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng as the new Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research and Internationalisation with effect from 1 July 2016.


UCT's Rhodes scholars want to use opportunity to change South Africans' lives for the better
12 January 2016
Four young bright minds from the University of Cape Town (UCT) have been granted the esteemed Rhodes Scholarship to pursue their careers at the renowned Oxford University in 2016.


What the 2015 Matric results mean for Universities?
06 January 2016
Professor Suellen Shay is the Dean: Centre for Higher Education Development at the University of Cape Town


Indian Ocean heating affects micro plants and fish on the ocean surface
06 January 2016
A discovery by a UCT researcher and international colleagues