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Admissions Policy debate



Please find below a record of all of the discussions and proposals that UCT has been engaged in since 2010 regarding its Admissions Policy. This serves as a record of the debate, please refer to the current section of the Admissions Policy debate for the latest proposals and discussions.

UCT has an admissions policy that uses race as part of its selection process for specific programmes.

Vice-Chancellor Dr Max Price has written widely on this topic and his articles have generated widespread responses in the form of debates on campus, on television and radio; and comments by the public through various media.

The UCT Council and Senate review and approve the policy for student admissions every year.

In 2013, the university established a commission, chaired by council member Judge Craig Howie, to review the student admissions policy. Its report was released in February 2013.

View a list of admission policy articles and replies as published in the media during 2013:

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