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Lectures & speeches

Inaugural lectures

Inaugural lectures are a central part of university academic life. These events are held to commemorate the inaugural lecturer's appointment to full professorship. They provide a platform for the academic to present the body of research that they have been focusing on during their career, while also giving UCT the opportunity to showcase its academics and share its research with members of the wider university community and the general public in an accessible way.

2015 lectures

Please note that the inaugural lecture format has been placed under review by the UCT executive and the inaugural lecture series will resume once the proposal of a new format has been approved.

2014 lectures

Here is the list of upcoming lectures for the year.

The dates, times and venues of the lectures are subject to change nearer the date. The title of the lecture is also subject to finalisation by the lecturer and is often at late notice.

Prof Loretta Feris | Prof Hendrik Hofmeyr |Prof Alexander Paterson |Prof Andy Buffler |Prof Harro von Blottnitz | Prof Jennifer Roeleveld | Prof Jo-Anne Wilmshurst | Prof Carrol Clarkson | Prof Ralph Hamann |Prof Lee Wallis

Prof Loretta Feris Prof Loretta Feris - 8 October
A Sense of Place: New frontiers for the law?
Prof Hendrik Hofmeyrs Prof Hendrik Hofmeyr - 2 October
Sound as symbol: Translating Yeats's Byzantium into a tone poem for voice and orchestra
Prof Alexander Paterson Prof Alexander Paterson - 1 October
Sitting on the fence as it gets cut from below: Co-managing conservation and land reform agendas in South Africa’s protected areas
Prof Andy Buffler Prof Andy Buffler - 10 September
Science and observation: measuring for knowledge
Prof Harro von Blottnitz Prof Harro von Blottnitz - 27 August
Recycling, renewables and systems intelligence: Engineering responses to global challenges

Prof Jennifer Roeleveld Prof Jennifer Roeleveld - 20 August
The coming tsunami of information exchange: crashing the shores or lapping the beaches?
Prof Jo Wilmshurst Prof Jo-Anne Wilmshurst - 30 July
Reversing the Brain Drain
Prof Carrol Clarkson Prof Carrol Clarkson - 21 May
Drawing the Line
Prof Ralph Hamann Prof Ralph Hamann - 14 May
Engaged Scholarship on Business Sustainability: Oxymorons or Paradoxes?
Prof Lee Wallis Prof Lee Wallis - 02 April
Shifting Focus: Addressing the Neglected Pandemic

At the end of every year, inaugural lectures are compiled and turned into booklet.
Read the 2014 Inaugural Lecture Series online.

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UCT Inaugural Lectures

UCT Inaugural Lectures
Inaugural Lectures Series 2014