UCT is a global university with strong networks across African and the rest of the world.

This gives our postgraduates access to African and international partnerships where collaboration benefits from and grows expertise on the continent.

We also support knowledge exchange by giving postgraduates opportunities to spend time abroad and build international networks and career paths.


International networks

UCT engages with a network of international partners that draws on African expertise and helps build our knowledge base.

By accessing networks like the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) and Worldwide Universities Network (WUN), our postgraduates help bridge the gap between the Global North and Global South.

African partnerships

UCT links postgraduates to opportunities throughout Africa. This enables them to collaborate on work that identifies solutions to African and global challenges.

Our African partnerships include research addressing climate change, biodiversity, healthcare, genomics, and poverty and inequality.

Research mobility

Our international and African partners give UCT postgraduates the opportunity to travel and gain experience outside of UCT. This offers invaluable career and research growth.

A flagship international programme for postgraduates is the Researchers without Borders PhD programme with the University of Bristol in the UK, and similar programmes will be launched over time.

UCT is also working on providing innovative online international experiences for postgraduates that will expose them to other ways of working and thinking at minimal cost.

Co-supervision opportunities

UCT postgraduates can apply to have a co-supervisor from an institution outside of South Africa. By supporting a collaborative approach, we aim to grow the expertise and impact of our researchers.