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Research Office

Snapshot of Research at UCT
A Snapshot of Research at UCT, 2015
The mission of the Research Office is to provide expert support to research as core activity at UCT. This includes building new research capacity as well as sustaining existing excellence, whilst critically reflecting on, and evolving, our own systems and procedures.

The Research Office is responsible for grants funding, research quality assurance and the management of an information system that serves multiple research-specific purposes. The Office supports research planning and policy implementation, and manages the government requirements for research subsidy. Besides contributing to academic staff development through a series of targeted interventions to enhance research capacity, the Office is responsible for a range of annual reports, international research exchange and a series of research benchmarking activities. It further drives and supports the research activities that ensue from strategic partnerships and formal agreements with research councils, research institutions and government departments.

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A Snapshot of Research at UCT, 2015

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