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Postdoctoral Research Fellowships


"The most prominent US Research universities have significant predominance of post-doctoral research training and production, as opposed to the less developed systems in Britain and particularly in SA where the emphasis in the leading research universities is still mostly at the level of the PhD degree. This is something that must become part of the broad strategic thinking of the university." (Professor W Gevers, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Aide Memoire - USC Project for Postgraduate Studies, University of Cape Town, 8 February 2001)

There is a need to increase the amount of postdoctoral research in South Africa. This would support South Africa's collective research enterprise, assist with equity goals and ensure that both the university and the nation can meet global challenges.

Contributions made by Postdoctoral Research Fellows add value to the research enterprise of the university. This relationship is mutually beneficial. It supports and encourages increased research activities at UCT and assists the institution with its strategic objectives to be a research-led and a transforming university.

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