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Discrimination & Harassment Office (DISCHO)

Discrimination & Harassment policies


Draft Policy on Racism & Racial Discrimination approved by Council December 09

Policy on racism and racial harassment or just read a summary

Other new policies

Other policies approved by Council (5 March 2008)

The new protocols

Following the approval of the new policies by UCT's Council, the next important milestone was to get the protocols for the new policies (Sexual Harassment, Sexual Offences) finalised and in place. This became the focus of the Project Implementation Committee, which was later ceded to the Technical Committee, both chaired by the previous deputy vice-chancellor responsible for the Transformation portfolio, Prof Martin Hall). The Gender, Health and Justice Research Unit played a significant role in the drafting and finalisation of these protocols. The task of completing these protocols took much longer than anticipated, and also proved to be much more complicated than envisaged.

The completed protocols are now in place, and can be viewed at the following links:
Protocol for health care after rape and sexual assault.

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