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Discrimination & Harassment Office (DISCHO)



Please refer to UCT's policies for more in-depth information.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is sexual behaviour which is deliberate, uninvited, unwelcome (and usually, but not necessarily) repeated, and which is perceived by the recipient to be embarrassing, offensive, demeaning or compromising.

Catherine MacKinnon, one of the leading academics to conceptualise sexual harassment within a feminist understanding of gender dynamics, defined sexual harassment as:
"the unwanted imposition of sexual requirements in the context of a relationship of unequal power."


(Present legal definition): Rape consists in a male having unlawful and intentional sexual intercourse with a female without her consent.

The New Sexual Offences Amendment Bill proposes that:
"Any person who intentionally and unlawfully commits an act of sexual penetration with another person, without such person's consent, is guilty of the offence of rape".

Domestic violence resources

NICRO Women's Support Centre: 021 461 7253

Ilitha Labantu: 021 633 2383

Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust (Counseling): 021 447 9762

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