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Procurement & Payment Services (PPS)

eProcurement modules | Access & Authorisations | Approval workflow | Payment Methods


About eProcurement

jet imageUCT is implementing an online platform where staff can purchase travel, office supplies, courier services, research consumables, and more.

All UCT policies and procedures apply to the eProcurement environment.

It's paperless, it's easy, and each transaction is approved by the fund holder via SMS or email. Payment is by PCard or via Creditors with a SAP purchase order. For non PCard payments, the transaction workflows electronically to the SAP purchaser for completion.

UCT eProcurement is powered by a software application, mymarket.com. This operates via the internet to electronically purchase products and services from UCT preferred vendors. In addition, eProcurement supports the buying and selling of used UCT furniture and equipment via the Trading Post.

Advantages of UCT eProcurement



Finance policies & guidelines

Preferred vendors