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Properties & Services


Properties & Services

How can we help you?

At Properties and Services we are honoured to be in Service to the University community.

We understand that our work helps lay the foundations for academia to flourish, and we take pride in this, and the role we play in the often far-reaching and life-changing work you, as staff and students, do on and off campus.

Our teams help clean, secure, plan, build and maintain the lecture halls you learn in, the research rooms you discover in and the open spaces you play in.

We help transport staff and students to and from lectures in the Jammie shuttles, and are always looking at ways to make access to campus sustainable and economical, in keeping with green principles.

Spaces are kept clean by our teams, and safety and health of everyone at venues and on and off campus (for events) is covered by competent staff.

Our security teams are tasked with keeping you safe and secure, and are always coming up with innovative ways to keep crime down, making our campus one of the safest in the country.

Your access control cards and parking discs are channeled through us, and venue bookings as well. Added to that we also rent out space for food vendors in the courts and tender for the food services in residences. We are also guardians of the Irma Stern Museum, which we suggest be on your must-see places at UCT.

These are a few areas in which we operate.

We are constantly looking at ways in which we can be more supportive and help make your lives easier so that you can be left to do the work you came here to do.

Should you have any suggestions on how we can make your experience on campus more satisfying, please feel free to contact us at info-ps@uct.ac.za with the subject heading: OurUCT suggestions.

Thank You for visiting
Andre Theys, P&S Executive Director and the team at P&S.

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