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At the University of Cape Town we strive to provide a safe and healthy working, teaching and research environment for all UCT staff and students, and any person who might come into contact with the activities of the university. This is envisaged by formulating an in-house emergency plan that will clearly define procedures and clarify the roles of key personnel in the event of an emergency.

Key personnel in buildings have been given the responsibilities of supervising emergencies in their environments. Teams from the risk services department and the Campus Protection Services play a support role to the persons that have been identified as the emergency controllers for the areas. The risk services team will take control where nobody has filled this role. They will also communicate with external emergency services if required.

UCT has drawn up emergency plans that are currently under review, and it has been the responsibility of those responsible to draw up their own building-specific emergency plans. Please see the University of Cape Town emergency plan and basic emergency procedures.

If your building does not have an emergency plan, then please contact the Safety, Health and Environment Department for assistance in drawing up an evacuation plan, or if you require training with:

You are encouraged to call Campus Protection Services for any emergencies on UCT campuses. They will:

Risk Assessments has indicated that the following are our main risks:

A list of risk management services staff and a list of important numbers exist for your convenience.

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Campus Protection Services
Tel: 021 650 2222/3

UCT Risk Services Manager
Tel: 021 650 4858

UCT Safety and Health Manager
Tel: 021 650 3552