Solution Space Learning Lunches provide a space for entrepreneurs, youth and communities to learn from experts in their field. We invite guests to speak on a range of topics that address issues.

In commemoration of Youth Month, we are celebrating the first African woman in Nuclear Science. We have therefore invited Nuclear Scientist, Senamile Masango, one of South Africa's successful black woman scientist under 35 years.

The chat will about:

  • The different career paths within the Science field.
  • How we can apply science into our daily lives.
  • The importance of science in a South African and global context.
  • How we can use science to tackle real community problems.

Guest Speaker: Senamile Masango

Nuclear Scientist & Founder, Senamile Masango Foundation.

Born and bred in KwaZulu-Natal, Masango is a princess by birth from the Zulu Royal Household. She is the first African woman to be part of a first African-led experiment at CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) in Switzerland. Masango is a PhD candidate in Nuclear Physics and an award winner under the category of ‘one of South Africa's successful Black woman Scientist under 35’.

She founded Senamile Masango Foundation in 2014, which provides programmes to women and school pupils to increase the scientific productivity and efficiency of women scientists and engineers in South Africa and Africa.