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Health, counselling & safety

Campus safety


Crime prevention | If you are the victim of a crime | Protecting your property | Protecting yourself | Shuttle services | Sexual assault & rape | Health & safety | Important contact numbers

Campus Protection Service (CPS) operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Emergency number:
Call the CPS 24-hour hotline on 021 650 2222/3

CPS is committed to protecting the safety of the university community and its property, as well as maintaining order in accordance with university policy.

The staff is available at all times to give assistance.

CPS operates from six service centres:

The CPS 24-hour hotline is 021 650 2222/3
(use the last four digits only if calling from a UCT extension)

CPS has a simple but comprehensive four-pronged approach to campus security and safety.

Presence - the uniformed staff maintain a high profile while patrolling the campus on foot and in vehicles, and their presence acts as a positive deterrent against potential criminal actions.

Engineering - this involves all physical equipment that has been installed to enhance security effectiveness, such as fencing, gates, CCTV.

Education - through regular communication with the community as well as meetings and workshops with students and staff, CPS strives to ensure that there is awareness of security issues, and also provides advice on how to deal with various situations.

Enforcement - in extraordinary circumstances CPS is empowered to take whatever appropriate action is necessary to maintain order and security on campus.

While CPS works to provide an effective service, the university community is a large one and members are encouraged to assist by anticipating and recognising a crime or safety risk, and involving CPS in the implementation of some action, either to reduce or to eliminate that risk.

CPS staff is highly trained and, in the unfortunate circumstances of a crime being committed against anyone in the UCT community, are competent in dealing with the practical and legal aspects, such as first-aid and what to do in a case of sexual assault.

Crime prevention

The best way for students and staff to prevent crime is to be aware of their surroundings, and particularly the people in their environment.

Criminals rely on the community being indifferent.

Students and staff are encouraged to be alert for suspicious persons in and around campus buildings and in parking areas.

They should ask themselves questions such as:

If they suspect anything, they should call CPS immediately on 021 650 2222/3.

Pursuing suspicious persons is strongly discouraged.

If you are the victim of a crime

Using the crime-prevention techniques suggested may reduce the chances of becoming a victim. If confronted with a threatening situation the following is important

Protecting your property

In residence

Protecting yourself

When walking

When driving

When catching a taxi

Shuttle services

The Jammie Shuttle provides convenient and safe bus transport between UCT's campuses and residences during term time.

Not only does it provide a constant service during the day from Monday to Friday from 07h30 to 18h00, but it also operates a night service from Monday to Thursday from 18h30 to 01h00 and on Friday from 18h30 to 22h00.

Pick up points

The Jammie Shuttle offices are based on the lower campus near Leo Marquard Residence.

For more information, contact them on 021 689 3496 or 021 685 7135 or view the Jammie Shuttle webpages.

Safe escort service

In the event that the Jammie Shuttle does not function (after 01h00), assistance is offered to students and staff by escorting them on foot or giving them a lift from campus to their residences.

However it important to understand that Jammie Shuttle's core function on campus is not individual transportation of patrons, therefore some patience is required for delays when officers may be attending to other problems.

Sexual assault and rape

A sexual assault is not always perpetrated by a stranger.

It can happen on a date or by someone known to the victim.

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, know who to call for a ride home, or always have money for a taxi.

Please note that the more you consume alcoholic beverages, the less aware and more vulnerable you will become.

In the case of a sexual assault, the following action is recommended:

Health and safety

The following procedures should be followed during emergencies:

In fire emergencies:

In medical emergencies

Psychiatric Emergencies in Residences or on Campus

Groote Schuur Community Improvement District (GSCID)

UCT is a founder member and donor to the Groote Schuur Community Improvement District (GSCID) which aims to deal with neighbourhood crime, grime, transport and housing problems that are faced by students, residents and businesses in the area.

Important contact numbers

Campus Protection Services 021 650 2222/3
Burnage 021 650 2222/3
Robert Leslie (Upper Campus) 021 650 2121/4080
Forest Hill (Residence) 021 650 3856
Medical Campus 021 650 6690
Hiddingh Campus 021 480 7101
Student Health Centre 021 650 3000
Sexual Harassment Prevention (Discrimination & Harassment Office - DISCHO) 021 650 3530
Safety, Health & Environment Officer 021 650 2660 / 2246
Traffic Services 021 650 3312 / 3 / 4
Access Control 021 650 1199
SAPS (Rondebosch) 021 685 4747
SAPS (Mowbray) 021 680 9580
SAPS (Woodstock) 021 442 3122

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