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Sports, societies & recreation

Student Societies & Organisations


There are more than 100 student societies and organisations at UCT reflecting a wide range of interests, including academic, religious, cultural, social and political activities.

Each society is run by students and any student may be a member. Societies hold a number of events every year including an AGM where the new leadership is elected for the New Year.

Each society is partially funded by the University and partially by subscription fees which the societies charge.

The societies allow students to enjoy activities on the University that are not normally part of the academic curricula. Societies allow students to enjoy being part of a community on campus that is stimulating and opens up new challenges and opportunities for them.


These societies are organisations whose primary aim is either to enhance the learning and understanding of students at UCT or to bring students in contact with the leaders in their field of studies. Many of these societies hold seminars on various topics and bring industry leaders to UCT while others concentrate on community development programmes.

Society & WebsiteEmail
AIESEC UCTaiesec@myuct.ac.za
Association of Black Securities and Investment ProfessionalsABSIP@myuct.ac.za
Association of Built Environment StudentsABES@myuct.ac.za
Association of SA Black Actuaries ASABA@myuct.ac.za
Biological Societybiosoc@myuct.ac.za
Black Law Students' Forumblsf@myuct.ac.za
Education Development Unit Student Organisationeduso@myuct.ac.za
Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineersieee@myuct.ac.za
Organisational Psychology Students' Societyopss@myuct.ac.za
Psychology Societypsychologysoc@myuct.ac.za
South African Medical Students' Associationsamsa.uct@gmail.com
South African Space Association (SASA-UCT)saa@myuct.ac.za
Surgical Societyuctsurgical@gmail.com
UCT Marketing Associationuctma@myuct.ac.za
UCT Mathematics SocietyMathSoc@myuct.ac.za


This constitutes one of the largest sectors, representing almost all major religious beliefs, doctrines and denominations. Many of these societies have ties with local religious structures. Although UCT is a secular campus, it makes the attempt to accommodate everyone and allow them to exercise their beliefs freely without interfering with the academic programme and other faiths.

Society & WebsiteEmail
Acts Kolbe Catholic Societyacts@myuct.ac.za
Anglican Students' Societyansoc@myuct.ac.za
Believers' Loveworldloveworld@myuct.ac.za
Christian Medical Fellowshipcmf@myuct.ac.za
Christian Revival Churchcrc@myuct.ac.za
Church on Mainchurchonmain@myuct.ac.za
Deeper Life Fellowshipdlf@myuct.ac.za
Hillsong Churchhillsong@myuct.ac.za
Hindu Students' Societyhindusoc@myuct.ac.za
His Peopleuct@hispeople.org
Jubilee Societyjubilee@myuct.ac.za
Muslim Students' Associationuct@msa.org.za
Muslim Youth Movementuctmym@myuct.ac.za
Rapha Fellowship Centrerfc@myuct.ac.za
Redeemed Christian Fellowshiprcf@myuct.ac.za
Seventh Day Adventist Student Movement (SDASM)sdasm@myuct.ac.za
Shofar Churchshofar@myuct.ac.za
South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS)saujs@myuct.ac.za
Student Christian Fellowshipscf@myuct.ac.za
Student YMCAymca@myuct.ac.za
Trees of Life Multiracial Churchtreesoflife.mc@gmail.com
UCT Baha'i Societybahai@myuct.ac.za
UCT Moslem Youth Movementuctmym@gmail.com
Wesley Guild Methodist Societywesleyguild@myuct.ac.za
World Mission Society (Church of God)worldmissionsociety@myuct.ac.za
Zion Christian Student Fellowshipzcsf@myuct.ac.za


These societies largely represent national and cultural interests. However, membership is not drawn exclusively from the relevant countries. These societies mainly aim to broaden students exposure to the cultural dynamism of UCT.

Society & WebsiteEmail
Abantu Zambian Societyzamsoc@myuct.ac.za
Congolese Society
East African Students' Associationeasoc@myuct.ac.za
Ghana Societyghanasoc@myuct.ac.za
Hellenic Students' AssociationHSA@myuct.ac.za
Lesotho Students' Associationlessa@myuct.ac.za
Malawi Students' Societymalawisoc@myuct.ac.za
Namibian Students' Organisationnamsoc@myuct.ac.za
Nigerian Students' Societynigeriasoc@myuct.ac.za
UCT Asian Students Associationrocsa@myuct.ac.za
Swazi Students' Societyswazisoc@myuct.ac.za
Zimbabwe Societyzimsoc@myuct.ac.za


These organisations represent a group of national and international political organisations. Their activities include attending national gatherings, and inviting politicians and scholars to speak at meetings.

Society & WebsiteEmail
ANC Youth Leagueancyl@myuct.ac.za
Democratic Alliance Students' Organisationdaso@myuct.ac.za
Palestine Solidarity Forumpsf@myuct.ac.za
Pan Africanist Student Movement of Azania (PASMA)uctpasma@gmail.com
South African Students' Congresssasco@myuct.ac.za
The CollectiveTheCollective@myuct.ac.za
United Nations Association of SAuct@unasa.org.za

Special interest

This group of societies represent a broad range of groups from special interest and civil society groups to social and wellness groups. These societies open up huge opportunities to experience and enjoy new activities at UCT.

Society & WebsiteEmail
African Union Student Chapter africanunionclub@gmail.com
Amnesty International amnesty_international@myuct.ac.za
Art of Living – SMILEaol@myuct.ac.za
Ballroom and Latin Dancing Societychair@uctballroom.co.za
Bhakti Yoga Societybhaktiyoga@myuct.ac.za
Black Management Forumbmf@myuct.ac.za
Cape Legion of Adventurers and War Gamersclaws@myuct.ac.za
Cape Town Globalistctglobalist@myuct.ac.za
Debating Uniondebatingunion@myuct.ac.za
DJ's Production Society
Engineers Without Bordersuct@ewbsa.org
Equal Educationequaleducation@myuct.ac.za
Film Societyfilmsoc@myuct.ac.za
Free Society Institute UCT Chapter (FSI)uct@fsi.org.za
Golden Future Projectgoldenfuture@myuct.ac.za
Green Campus Initiativegci@myuct.ac.za
Habitat For Humanityhfh@myuct.ac.za
Hip Hop Clubhiphop@myuct.ac.za
History and Current Affairs Societyhca@myuct.ac.za
Ikey AbilityChaeli Mycroft
Investment Societyinvestsoc@myuct.ac.za
LeanIn UCTAlexandra Swanepoel
Photographic Societyphotosoc@myuct.ac.za
Rural Support Network (RSN)rsn@myuct.ac.za
Students for Law and Social Justice (SLSJ)slsj@myuct.ac.za
Students for Lifestudentsforlife@myuct.ac.za
UCT African Choralafricanchoral@myuct.ac.za
UCT Choiructchoir@gmail.com
UCT Choir for Africaafricanchoral@myuct.ac.za
UCT Consulting Clubuctcc@myuct.ac.za
UCT Developers Societyuctdevelopers@myuct.ac.za
UCT Entrepreneurs Societyuctentrepreneurs@myuct.ac.za
We Are Animalsweareanimals.uct@gmail.com
Wine and Cultural Societywinesoc@myuct.ac.z
Women in Computer Science (WCS-UCT)women.cs.uct@gmail.com

How to join a society at UCT

Students can become members of societies throughout the academic year. During the annual O-week the student organsations showcase themselves on the Jameson Plaza. Here students can sign-up with the societies that interest them and they can either have the subscription fees charged to their student accounts or pay cash to the cashiers in the Steve Biko Students' Union.

If students miss the O-week sign up period they can come to the Societies Helpdesk on Level 5, Steve Biko Students' Union or contact Societies to sign up with a society or get more information. Students may join societies throughout the year and may pay through their fee accounts until 30 April or alternatively can pay cash at the Student Treasury on Level 5, Steve Biko Students' Union.

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