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International Academic Programmes Office

The International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO) works to facilitate and promote all facets of internationalisation at UCT.

It aims to be the first port of call for all international students and provides a wide range of services including:

  • general enquiries from prospective students
  • advice on the safety of the area you wish to stay in
  • the appropriateness of working while in South Africa
  • application for study permits
  • general advice about your stay at UCT.

IAPO strives to ensure that:

  • UCT is the preferred study destination for international students
  • through integration, students from diverse cultures and backgrounds will get a high quality academic and life changing experience
  • UCT remains a highly sought after university for international academic partnerships.

The role of IAPO within the broader UCT context

IAPO acts as the central coordinator and facilitator of all internationally related initiatives and activities in the following ways:

  • Ensuring that internationalisation activities contribute to as many as possible of the university's 10 policy objectives and by so doing, support the core business of teaching and research at UCT.
  • Building UCT's global profile as a research-led, international, African university.
  • Generating opportunities for improving its position as a world-class African university.
  • Benchmarking local needs and global standards for a university.
  • Striving for the integration of the global and local in such a way as to add value to both: with international activities enhancing student life and staff development at UCT, and incoming international students and staff being integrated into the local environment.
  • Performing a consultative and facilitative role in assisting the university community in negotiating individual, departmental, faculty and institutional linkages using UCT sanctioned guidelines.
  • Providing specialist services for international students and applicants.
  • Developing and promoting the concept of "internationalisation at home" and ensuring that the entire UCT community benefits from the growing internationalisation of UCT.
  • Seeking, supporting and facilitating opportunities for UCT staff and students to experience academic life at international partner universities through mobility exchanges.
  • Providing customised Short Term International Programmes (STIP)

In addition, IAPO

For further information please visit the IAPO website.