Welcome to the website of UCT's Research Support Hub, your first stop for all your research support needs. For you, we keep track of changing policies and funding requirements. We also offer mentoring and training so that you have the knowledge, skills and confidence to pursue your career as a researcher.

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Your research project in 4 steps


The 4 steps of a research project

Step 1: Plan your application and find funding

Use the Research Support Hub to find UCT-endorsed funding opportunities that match your research project. See our easy step-by-step guide.

Step 2: Develop and submit your proposal

With the help of UCT's team, develop your research proposal with all necessary documentation and submit a comprehensive, compelling application for funding.

Step 3: Manage your awarded research project

Get help with managing the funds awarded to your research project, assuring the integrity of your research and handling your research data.

Step 4: Promote your research outputs

Get assistance with publishing your research and increasing the visibility of your work.

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Research Announcements

Our Research Announcements provide regular updates on:

  • Current funding opportunities

  • Latest developments in research policies and research management

  • Best-practise research methods

The announcements are sent via email to all UCT academic staff and are also available on our website.

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