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Distinguished Teacher Awards

The Distinguished Teacher Award recognises excellent teaching and is the highest accolade awarded to teaching staff at all levels within the university. Through the award, the University of Cape Town acknowledges the primary place of teaching and learning in the university’s work. All full-time academic staff who have taught students at the institution for at least 3 years are eligible.


Each year the Distinguished Teacher Award committee considers nominations made by students and staff. Each submission is considered in accordance with a set of guidelines, including:

  • reflection on teaching practice
  • versatility in different teaching settings
  • transformational capacities
  • innovation in teaching
  • an influence on students’ career development
  • concern and sensitivity towards the needs of students
  • endorsement from colleagues and students
  • intellectual vigour and communication skills in the interpretation and presentation of subject matter
  • consistently outstanding student evaluations.

The committee may recommend up to 4 recipients and, in exceptional cases, up to 6 recipients in a year.


Nominations should be submitted in to the form of an email letter and should be addressed to the committee. The nomination should consist of a statement making a case for the award. The email can include:

  • details of excellence in teaching over a number of years
  • information about the nominee’s approach
  • where the strengths of the nominee lie, for example, in lecturing to large classes, in laboratory instruction, in less formal teaching activities, or in an innovative teaching technique.

Upon acceptance of the nomination, nominees will be required to prepare the following:

  • a teaching portfolio of no more than 50 pages, including their teaching philosophy, and endorsements from students and colleagues
  • anonymised student evaluation data for all courses taught for the last 3 years.

For further information, please email Amanda Barratt or call on +27 (0)21 650 2614.

2017 Gregor Leigh
Robert Dunn
Pradeep Navsaria
Jacqueline Yeats
2016 David Erwin
Ryan Kruger
Miguel Lacerda
Janice McMillan
Jonathan Shock
Jimmy Winfield
2015 Joanne Hardman
Jacqui Kew
Azila Reisenberger
Adam West
2014 Delawir Kahn
James Gain
Linda Ronnie
Spencer Wheaton
2013 Helen Macdonald
Paul Maughan
Ian-Malcolm Rijsdijk
Hedley Twidle
2012 John Higgins
Jeremy Wanderer
Zenda Woodman
2011 Michael Campbell
Susan Levine
Tim Low
Greg Smith
2010 Zephne van der Spuy
Roland Eastman
2009 Gary Marsden
Carrol Clarkson
Carla Fourie
Melissa Steyn
2008 Vanessa Everson
Justin O'Riain
Leonard Smith
2007 Jane Bennett
Jenni Case
Francis Carter
Ivan Joubert
2006 Elizabeth (Liz) Mills
Rebecca Rogers Ackermann
Zimitri Erasmus
Justine Burns
2005 Marc Blockman
Peter Robert Anderson
Mohammed Paleker
Yvonne Banning
2004 Vanessa Celeste Burch
Bette Davidowitz
Sagadevan Govindasamy Mundree
Hein Helgo Schomer
2003 Peter Allan Minham Berman
Graham John Louw
David William Gammon
Brad Liebl
2002 Jacobus Edmund Joubert Krige
Wilfried Scharf
Andrew Cedric Buffler
Johann Reinder Erlers Lutjeharms
Sophie Elaine Oldfield
Anne Kelk Mager
2001 Charles Patrick Slater
Esther Johanna Sophia Steyn
Rodney Stenning Edgecombe
Howard Phillips
Nicoli Jean Nattrass
Valerie Roze Abratt
2000 Gideon Jacobus Knobel
Anwar Suleman Mall
John Edward Hare
Christopher John Breen
David Louis Reid
Vivian Bickford Smith
1999 David Benatar
Timothy John Egan
Donald Hugh Foster
William Richard Nasson
1998 Igor Vladilvenovich Barashenkov
Jennifer Ursula Mary Jarvis
Michael Frank Mansel James
Cardi Coetzee
1997 Margaret Rosabel Mezzabota
Sarita Stern
George Metcalf Tattersfield
Norman Morrison
1996 Martin John Hall
Richard Mendelsohn
Michael David Picker
Jennifer Ann Thomson
1995 Roelof Sarel Uytenbogaart
Mohammed Adhikari
Susanna Elizabeth Smuts
Keith Thorning Huxham
1994 John Richard Moss
Alfred Peter Henry Cockrell
Roy Jonathan Nates
Ian Robert Phimister
1993 Gail Diane Solomons
Christopher Barry Weare
Jacquez Charl De Villiers
Llewellyn Welile Mazamisa
1992 Lesley Glen Marx
Nigel Anthony Worden
John Reginald Greene
John Eric Parkington
David Allison
David John Bradfield
Jurie Johannes Conradie
Douglas Eric Rawlings
1990 Catherine Marie Josephe Glenn
Kathleen Mary McCormick
Henry Steve Thackwray Driver
Alan Norman Rynhoud
1989 Henning Jacobus Snyman
Edward John Immelman
Mike Ossian De Kock
1988 Godfrey Roy Keeton
Muriel Laura Searle
Nigel Bakker
1987 Christopher Martin Roger Warton
David Randle Woods
L.A.R Sass (Andrew)
1986 Peter Harding Dixon Collins
Bryan Robert Davies
David Ellis Kaplan
1985 Michael Frederick Neale Shutle
John Harold Webb
Ashley Hugh Robins
Terence Leslie Dowdall
Owen Alfred Mason Lewis
Ardene Arbuthnot Forder
1984 George Meredith Branch
Dennis Martin Davis
Dyer Alfred Lindsey Falck
1983 Wieland Gevers
Dale Hutchinson
Kathleen Irene Pay
1982 Dr Evelyn Jeannette Bertelsen
Prof Alexander Claude Brown
1981 E. J Bertelsen
Assoc. Prof. Ralph Emmanuel Kirsch


Information supplied by:
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Tel: +27 (0)21 650 2614

Updated: 16 May 2018