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Distinguished Teacher Award

The Distinguished Teacher Award is the highest accolade awarded to teaching staff at all levels within the university and recognises excellent teaching.

Through the award, the University of Cape Town acknowledges the primary place of teaching and learning in the university’s work. All full-time or permanent academic staff who have taught students at the institution for at least five  years are eligible.

Each nominee is evaluated on their distinct contribution to teaching and learning at UCT, including:

  • Their teaching philosophy and pedagogical approach in the context of the teaching and learning challenges in South African higher education
  • Their contribution to curriculum renewal, transformation and innovation in teaching and learning
  • Evidence of their scholarship of teaching and learning including any relevant publications, conference attendance, research projects
  • Evidence of a lasting positive impact on their students, beyond formal teaching time

Evidence of a positive impact on the teaching and learning approaches of their colleagues.

Distinguished Teacher Award winners 2018

Jeff Murugan

Associate Professor Jeff Murugan
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

In his classes, there are no stupid questions; all have some level of importance. Creating an environment where students feel safe to ask questions is key to what Murugan understands a successful teaching and learning space to be.

‘No stupid questions’ in Distinguished Teacher’s classes

Anneliese Schauerte

Dr Anneliese Schauerte
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Nine times out of 10, students come to university thinking that mathematics is about facts and techniques that they learn from a teacher. Schauerte said it’s her job to ensure they start seeing the subject differently.

‘Teaching swept me off my feet’