International Academic Programmes Office

IAPO: student exchange application

The applications for a semester exchange open from 2 August 2021 until 31 August 2021. Avoid disappointment by submitting your application well in advance of the deadline.

A series of Information Sessions will be hosted each week from 2 - 31 August 2021 to understand how the exchange programme works. Join the student exchange info group to get all the latest notifications on the information sessions and further international exchange opportunities.

To be eligible for exchange, the courses you choose at the international partner university must be eligible for credit transfer towards the curriculum requirements of your UCT programme of study, and the exchange must not extend your expected graduation date.

This can affect your eligibility. 

Please read the notes and guidelines below.  You will be required to acknowledge you understand and accept these notes to submit your application.

  1. You must be registered for a UCT qualification to submit an application for exchange.
  2. You must be registered for a UCT qualification to go on an exchange at an international partner university.  Students selected for exchange will forfeit their place if they cancel their registration or complete their studies before the exchange.
  3. Bachelor Commerce and Bachelor Business Science students are restricted in their choice of international partner university placement.  Students will only be placed with partners who offer courses with content equivalent to BUS2010 and with academic calendars that allow students to return to UCT in time to enrol in the UCT Summer Term for ECO2004.
  4. Unless otherwise indicated, your exchange will take place next year.
  5. If you are in the final year of study for a Bachelor’s degree, you are not eligible for exchange.  Undergraduate students can only go on exchange in 2nd year (AYOS 2) as final year exit level courses cannot be completed through credit exemption and transfer; they must be taken at UCT.
  6. If you are in the final year of study for a 4-year Bachelor’s degree or are an Honours student, and intend to progress to Masters, you can apply for a waitlisted place.  You will need to include evidence of acceptance to a UCT Masters programme as part of your application. We will review your application and confirm the selection outcome following your registration in the UCT Masters programme.
  7. International partner universities can withdraw exchange placements at short notice. We cannot guarantee that all advertised exchange opportunities will be available.  If you are selected for an exchange placements, we will notify you of any changes.
  8. You should not withdraw from your courses or cancel your student housing until you receive a formal letter from the Exchange Selection Committee that your application has been successful and your placement with an international partner university has been finalised.
  9. Students in an exchange must remain registered at UCT for the full duration of the exchange.  You will be required to withdraw from the regular courses required for your curriculum and to enrol in an ‘exchange’ course. You must pay the full exchange course fee – there are no tuition fee reductions during an exchange.

All fields marked with a * are compulsory.

e.g. Bachelor of Business Science
e.g. Finance and Accounting
Brief motivation – no more than 50 words
Brief motivation – no more than 50 words
Brief motivation – no more than 50 words
e.g. SRC President in 2020; class representative; school prefect
e.g. Mountain and Ski Club member in 2019
e.g. Rotary Club volunteer in 2020; SHAWCO volunteer
e.g. Youth leader; community leader; orientation leader
e.g. I do not have a valid passport
Your motivation should offer your thoughts on ‘global citizenship’; how an exchange will contribute to your academic, personal and professional (career) development; which international partner university you chose and why; and a full plan (with timelines) for raising money to fund your exchange.
Detail your education to date, work experience, experience volunteering, your skills and awards or representative positions.
If you do not have a valid passport, make a note in the application form under ‘Notes on missing documents’.
A UCT academic staff member (preferably the Head of Department or a curriculum advisor) should comment on your academic performance to date and indicate whether they support you going on exchange. Letters for undergraduate and Masters by coursework students should confirm whether the chosen partner university offers courses that can be taken for credit exemption and/or transfer against UCT courses required for the programme of study. Letters for postgraduate research students should be from your supervisor and should confirm their support for the exchange and any arrangements for co-supervision at the partner university.
This letter serves as a personal and character reference and can be written by an employer, a spiritual advisor, a high school teacher, or a mentor acting in a professional capacity (e.g. UCT staff member acting in a non-academic capacity). Your referee should comment on why they believe you should be considered for an exchange and how they believe it will contribute to your personal development. Where possible, they should include details about your ability to act as a representative and ambassador for UCT
For undergraduate and Masters by coursework students, the Head of Department should indicate that the courses you have identified at your preferred partner universities are eligible for transfer against the courses required for your UCT curriculum. You can use the Course alignment confirmation sheet form for this (one per chosen international partner university combined into a single PDF document). For postgraduate research students, provide a copy of your last MOU and Planned Progress Activity report (combined into a single PDF document).