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UCT Archives

The university preserves paper records in 2 sets of collections:

  • Administrative Archives
  • University Libraries' Special Collections.
  1. The university's Administrative Archives house all the university's administrative records, from 1829 and embodies a rich and prominent collection of:
    • formal records (minute books of Council, Senate and university committees)
    • correspondence of importance to UCT
    • personnel files (former staff members, selection committee papers, important historical documents)
    • financial records (permanently archived)
  2. Special Collections collects university papers and records that are not administrative in nature, but which chart the history of the university, its academic work and the people who have worked here. These include:
    • research material
    • photographs of university staff and publications

Where to make arrangements for acceptance of records

  • Physical administrative records of the type referred to in (1) above (that are no longer currently in use in your department): liaise with the Administrative Archives
  • Records of the type collected by Special Collections referred to in (2) above: liaise with the University Libraries' Special Collections
  • Any other record that you believe we may consider worth preserving: liaise with either Michal Singer (Special Collections) or Lionel Smidt (Administrative Archives)