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Global research partnerships
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Introduction to global research partnerships at UCT

Driving international research in Africa and the world

The University of Cape Town (UCT) hosts a vibrant hub of research and collaboration driven by its local and international networks.

UCT actively collaborates with important players across Africa to address and impact the continent’s biggest challenges.

With its extensive continental and international networks, UCT plays a key role in connecting the global north with the global south to build and share African knowledge and expertise.

Through these valuable collaborations, UCT is a leading partner in driving the international research agenda.

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Professor Mamokgethi PhakengInternational research partnerships are the backbone to addressing urgent global challenges ranging from climate change to poverty and inequality. UCT shares its research excellence and unique geographic position to connect partners from the global north and global south so that we can address these challenges – and find solutions – together.

UCT Vice-Chancellor Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng



Why partner with UCT

UCT is Africa’s leading university and one of the best in the world, with strong networks across the continent. This gives our partners access to researchers and projects with a global impact.

Our African partnerships

Our African partnerships

UCT drives partnerships across the continent that invite African knowledge and expertise into meaningful collaborations.

Our global research networks

Our global research networks

International networks grow Africa’s research footprint and connect Africa with the global north. UCT participates in networks that support education and research capacity.


Joint research programmes

UCT partners have joint agreements that support student cohorts in strengthening their research output and impact.


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More information

For more information about global research partnerships, please contact us at globalengagement@uct.ac.za.


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If you want to find out more about formal partnership agreements, email partnerships@uct.ac.za.